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By now, the Monstera deliciosa has virtually the same number of Instagram fans as a minor actor on a major Netflix series—so it’s not surprising that it takes top place as the app’s most popular houseplant. But not every widely ’grammed plant is quite so prolific. In Internet Gardener’s study of the top 10 plants on Instagram, three unexpected species stand apart from the crowd. 

The über-trendy monstera, princess-blue succulent, and pilea take the top three spots. You know these plants, love them, probably even own them yourself. But we bet you’ve never heard of false shamrock, string of hearts, or string of pearls. It turns out that these plants—though popular enough to make the list—are actually pretty underrated. And that’s why you should absolutely get one (or all three). 

Let’s consider their appearance: Both string of hearts and string of pearls cascade dramatically, making them the perfect match for hanging planters. False shamrock, on the other hand, is a more modestly proportioned plant—but its rich purple coloring is a welcome change.

Just give them plenty of sun in containers with good drainage and take as many photos as you’d like. Because do your plant babies even exist if they’re not on Instagram?

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