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Potato chips are good—almost too good. But as we know, constantly eating the store-bought, fried stuff isn’t too great for your health. Thankfully, many other vegetables that vary in similarity to the potato (think other root vegetables to leafy greens) can be baked into a crunchy crisp that tastes delicious. Keep reading for 19 veggie chip recipes, including this krispy kale recipe.

baked butternut squash chips

Use a mandoline (or knife) to slice just the neck of the squash—and top with parmesan cheese if you’re feeling adventurous.

vegetable chips that can’t be beet

This recipe for baking beets is super simple (plus, we’re suckers for a good pun). Just add olive oil, sea salt to taste, a sprinkle of fresh dill, and you’re done!

parmesan black pepper zucchini chips

The black pepper will add a bit of a kick, which will blend perfectly with the flavor of these crunchy chips.

sweet potato chips

Sweet potato chips (AND fries) are a crowd favorite—obviously. These chips are the most similar to the fried stuff you buy at the store, naturally because they’re also a potato. The baked fare taste fresher and healthier, in a good way.

brussels sprouts chips

Though we love a good brussels sprout—whole or halved—we have to admit, peeling apart these little guys is fun, too. Not only fun to prepare, but fun to bake to a crisp and eat by the handful.

baked root vegetable chips

Made with carrots, parsnips, celery root, sweet potatoes, taro, and beets (!!), these chips taste just as good as they look.

avocado fries

Okay, okay. So technically these are fries, not chips. But it’s a vegetable and it’s baked and tastes DELICIOUS. (P.S. There are 50 more recipes where that came from.)

baked spinach chips

Think kale chips, but thinner and crispier. Simply add a sprinkle of cumin, paprika, cayenne, and sea salt for a spicier, more flavorful chip.

garlic parmesan yellow squash chips

Yum, yum, and more yum. These chips resemble more of a fritter, but without the batter and they’re not fried! Coat in olive oil, add seasonings, panko crumbs, and shredded parmesan, and you’re done!

cheesy savoy cabbage chips

This is a great alternative for when kale isn’t available (or it’s too pricey).

oven roasted butter garlic carrots

Though not all your carrots will get super crispy, they’re still as chip-like as carrots come. Use pre-cut carrots to cut down on prep time, or slice your own and make them thinner to get a deeper crisp.

crispy baked fiddleheads

Fiddleheads, one of many underused vegetables, taste delicious when coated in egg, bread crumbs, seasoning, and baked. Just don’t forget to make the spicy lemon-sumac yogurt dipping sauce…

spicy, smoky homemade kale chips

Why buy from the store when you can easily make your own—at a much less expensive price? This recipe’s seasoning list includes paprika, cumin, chili pepper, and red pepper flakes, which results in a flavor-filled, spicy eating experience.

(Pst, love spicy food? We have a guide for that.)

mediterranean eggplant chips

This recipe calls for dehydrating—not baking—so keep that in mind if you’re lacking that kitchen appliance. Honestly, they look so crispy and delicious we’re considering investing in a dehydrator just to make this recipe.

red & golden beet chips

Why only eat one when you could have both? This recipe calls for one large red beet and 5-6 smaller golden beets with the usual seasoning suspects.

baked pumpkin chips

How delicious do these pumpkin crisps look? Obviously, this is a seasonal fare, but still! We’ll definitely be making a batch (or three!) of these at our next autumn dinner party.

cinnamon sugar radish chips

Use a sweet seasoning for a different flavor sensation. The author of this recipe reported the chips taste spicy, earthy, warm, a little bitter, but still sweet at the same time. Sounds like something we’d ALL be interested in trying. Sprinkle them atop some yogurt for a sweet treat.

crispy parmesan tomato chips

The author of this recipe used thinly sliced (BIG) beefsteak tomatoes as her base, adding the mix of seasoning before adding to the dehydrator or oven… Which will take anywhere from 12-24 hours in the dehydrator and 4-5 hours in the oven.

sour cream and onion cucumber chips

If you’ve never considered turning juicy, water-filled cucumbers into chips, you’re not alone. You’ll need a dehydrator for this recipe, which will take 4-6 hours to complete.