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Picture this: It’s Tuesday. It’s late. You’re hangry. All you really want is a warm, balanced meal, but all your energy level can afford is a bowl of cold cereal. At this point, you’ve started to type in your usual UberEats order while pretending that you can afford nightly takeout. Sound familiar? The workweek grind is tough, but if there’s one thing you can do to make things easier, it’s baking your entire dinner on a sheet pan—and we know just the recipe. 

Holly Erickson and Natalie Mortimer, the food bloggers behind The Modern Proper, came up with the ultimate chicken shawarma. Their simplified riff on this traditional Middle Eastern dish only requires one pan, but don’t just take our word that it’s worth making ASAP, take Pinterest’s: Of all the single-pan recipes on the internet, it received the most pins in 2019. 

Of course, any time you cut corners, you have to make compromises. For the sake of time, you won’t be cooking the meat the traditional way, rotisserie-style, or shaving it off in thin slices. But the warm spices that make this dish a staple in the first place are all there—trust us. 

Even the prep is fairly low-effort. All you have to do is combine cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, cardamom, and salt in a large bowl with yogurt to make the marinade for the chicken. Once the meat is evenly covered, throw some sliced onions, bell peppers, and Peppadews on the baking sheet and pop it in the oven at 350 degrees. Come back 20 minutes later and—voila!—it’s ready to serve in a pita alongside tahini sauce. Get the full recipe here and leave your takeout days behind you.

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