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open closet in simple bedroom

How I Help My Clients Break the Accumulate-Toss-Accumulate-More Cycle

Introducing the “Holding Box.”

A Pro Organizer Taught Me the Secret to Making Snack Time Less of a Thing

A Pro Organizer Taught Me the Secret to Making Snack Time Less of a Thing

Plus more reasons why hiring one is totally worth it.


I’m a Professional Organizer—Here’s Why I Stopped Using Velvet Hangers in My Closet

No more snapped arms and unwanted fuzzies.

Organization Heroes Border Around Gif of Urban Outfitters Bamboo Storage Bench Opening and Closing

This $129 Storage Bench Keeps My Ever-Expanding Tote Bag Collection in Check

All 16 (and counting!).

wood cabinet doors

6 Ways to Sneak Your Washer and Dryer Into Your Kitchen

The definition of getting things done.

closet next to fireplace

This $150 IKEA Pax Hack Stars Decorative Molding You Can Cut With Simple Shears

It isn’t just for walls.

zen white subway tile shower

43% of Millennials Admit to Never Cleaning This Kitchen Spot

Even though it only takes a few minutes.

Blue Metal Rolling Storage Cart on Designed Background

The Best Storage Carts on Amazon Work as Nightstands, Bars, and Tiny Libraries

No plastic here, just utility-chic metal and solid wood.

pantry door open

4 New Year Tidying Dos and Don’ts, Straight From a Professional Organizer

Are you maximizing your doors?

green laundry room

An Old English Laundry Room Reno That’s Still Extremely Practical

This Indianapolis designer calls these bins life changing.

boxes on shelf

This Designer’s $8 IKEA Boxes Only Look Like Marble—They’re Actually a Freehand DIY

Now they have pride of place in his dining room.

pale blue entryway with faux built-in storage

This Monochrome Entryway Built-In Is Actually a Kitchen Cabinet

Coats, dog bowls, and kibble all have a place now.

marie kondo in a green sweater

Marie Kondo’s Secret to an Overall Clean Home Is Tackling This Single Chore Every Day

Start 2023 off on the right foot.


This Compact Tech Organizer Made My Bottom-of-the-Bag Knot of Wires Disappear

I’ve found even more ways to use it since. (Hello, on-board cocktail kit.)

pantry shelving

Studio McGee’s Pantry Overhaul Solves an Upper Cabinet Woe We’ve All Faced

You are overlooking this item in the organization aisle.

White Kitchen With Wood OPen Shelves and Blue Step Stool

My $13 Kitchen Organizing Heroes Are 30% Off for Amazon Prime Day

I use them to store, well, everything.

Oxo Spray Mop Feature Image

The Best Mops to Bring Home Are Lightweight and Let You Skip the Bucket

Our value pick weighs just 2 pounds.

The Sanity-Saving Organization Products 7 Moms Swear By

The Sanity-Saving Organization Products 7 Moms Swear By

From colorful caddies to repurposed wine crates.