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When’s the last time you talked up or even bragged about your cleaning products? Household cleaners are usually neither seen or spoken of, instead, banished under the sink or in a closet. So for a soap or an all-purpose cleaner to claim internet fame, you know it’s magic. There’s a whole fanbase dedicated to products that epically clean everything from your dishes to clothes to floors, so here’s the best of the best, according to the internet.

Courtesy of Branch Basics

Branch Basics Starter Kit, $59

This brand has sold out for the second time in less than two months. That’s super impressive for a household cleaner. More than 500 five-star reviews are abuzz about the nontoxic and powerful concentrates. Each bottle of concentrate can be used to make more than 20 different bottles of cleaner, so you get a lot of bang for your buck too.

Courtesy of Amazon

Bar Keepers Friend, $1.99

The original powdered Bar Keepers Friend was first sold in 1882 and it has hardly changed in formula since. The OG cleaner has a legion of followers and fans, thanks to its ability to move gunk from hard-to-clean surfaces, like baking sheets and Dutch ovens. You’ll need some elbow grease and possibly steel wool, but you’ll be able to practically remove any stain in sight, from shower tiles in the bathroom to rust stains in your outdoor furniture.

Courtesy of Love Home & Planet

Love Home & Planet Multipurpose Spray, $3.99

Your favorite drugstore haircare products launched a household line, and the internet is loving it. The plant-based cleaner not only works, but it’s also free of toxic chemicals normally in harsh household products. Most impressively though, it gives back: The packaging is made of 100 percent recycled plastic, fragrances are certified sustainable, and the brand wants to reduce its carbon footprint by 20 percent before 2020.

Courtesy of Follain

Follain Refillable Hand + Body Soap, $24

It says “hand and body,” but it’s meant for any and everything. This coconut, jojoba, and olive oil cleanser can be used on counters, dishes, and even your pets. It’s expensive, but the bottles can be refilled at any Follain store for just $4.

Courtesy of Supernatural

Supernatural Starter Set, $75

We’ve written about the phenomenon of Supernatural, and it’s worth mentioning again: This kit is incredible. From floors to surfaces to windows, the brand is proving you don’t need harsh chemicals to effectively clean your home.

Courtesy of Amazon

Howard Feed-n-Wax, $9.72

Nearly 3,000 people are raving about this humble wood wax. The Carnauba wax– and beeswax-based product keeps wood surfaces from drying out and enhances the look and beauty of the wood itself.

Courtesy of TGC045

TGC045 Sportswear Detergent, $23

Have you ever seen a prettier packaged laundry detergent? The Swedish brand makes ethically based products, but its detergents stand out for their effectiveness at removing stains while maintaining the longevity of your clothing.