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For any type of product to sell out online in two hours, it has to be pretty extraordinary. But for a cleaning product to sell out in hours, it has to be supernatural. Game-changing cleaning line, Supernatural, is trying to deliver results that fit its bold name.  

Formulated with ingredients that are both good for you to be around and effective is no easy task. If it was simple, more of us would be cleaning naturally, but chemically-formulated products have traditionally been the norm. Yet, the statistics on these cleaning products are not good—the Environmental Working Group says more than 2000 cleaning supplies on the market have ingredients linked to serious health problems.

“I knew we could do better as a planet and as humans, so I set out to create something new: conscious cleaning products that are good for the environment, your home and for you,” says founder and CEO Suzy Batiz. The first run of product sold out in mere hours on Goop, and the refill kits then sold out within a few days. These ‘cleaning products with a conscience’ are available in a Starter Set ($75) comprised of four reusable glass bottles, which pair with glass vials of concentrates for every part of your home—bath and tile, wood and floors, mirrors and glass, and counters and granite. You simply add water to the concentrates, and you’ve got an effective cleaner for every surface.

What powers these magical tiny vials of concentrate? The same ancient ingredient that can calm nerves, aid sleep, and reduce headaches: essential oils. Along with a few other naturally-occurring ingredients, the blends are not only meant to effectively clean your surfaces, but they’re also designed to be a sensory experience for you. (I mean, if you have to clean, at least make it a bit more enjoyable, right?) For example, the wood and floors concentrate is comprised of essential oils basil, fir, lavender, peppermint, and palmarosa. The fir in the formula smells “freaking fantastic” says Batiz, while olive oil works to nourish and condition your floors as it cleans.

“We are trained to think something that is clean should smell like chemicals, and that’s not true,” says Batiz. “I spent two years with a hippie chemist to perfect the formulas for impeccable cleaning power using only natural ingredients.” Beyond just essential oils, the naturally-derived ingredients look pretty similar to what you might find in natural skin care products (i.e. rosemary alcohol and lactic acid).

$75 certainly is a hefty price to pay for cleaning products, but the good news is once you purchase the reusable glass bottles, you’ll only ever have to rebuy the concentrates, which are available in a four-piece set for $40. The high potency products themselves should last months and months, too.

The brain behind this clever concept is Suzy Batiz, the founder of another scent-focused product, but for your toilet—Poo~Pourri. Yes, the creator and CEO of a toilet spray is also the genius behind a sustainable, cleaning brand. Her background knowledge of formulas, packaging, and recyclability allowed her to create a first-of-it’s kind cleaning brand. It’s also personal for her, after her mother passed away from MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndromes), which many doctors think is caused by chemical exposure to benzene, a chemical found in many cleaning products. That knowledge inspired her to begin looking at what products she used in her home. “I noticed that even brands which touted themselves as ‘natural’, used synthetic fragrances or preservatives, and that shocked me,” says Batiz. She started to concoct her own cleaning products for years with essential oils, apple cider vinegar and other natural elements, which brings us to today, after years of perfecting Supernatural, it’s finally able for purchase.

The eco-conscious brand ships (for free!) waterless (i.e. never shipped across the ocean, which can be very environmentally irresponsible) and packaging is made of sustainable materials, which allows them to have an incredibly low carbon footprint. “We plant two trees in place of every box produced, we engineered the box to use as little corrugate as possible to protect the bottles, and our sprayers are 100 percent recyclable.”

Good for you, the planet, and your olfactory senses? Spritz away.