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Even the jump from a 350-square-foot home to a 400-square-foot one is substantial—there’s finally room for a real sofa or winter coat storage. However, the price per precious foot varies drastically from state to state. According to a survey conducted by Amerisleep using U.S. Census data, the state with the highest cost for an average bedroom (the equivalent of 134 square feet) is Hawaii at $62,094, which nets out to $470 per square foot. West Coast states like Washington and California round out the top three with properties costing $339 and $311 per square foot, respectively. A square foot in Mississippi, on the other hand, adds up to only $63. 

With costs that high, your budget won’t go as far. Meaning, if your heart is set on one of those higher-priced states, you may have to settle for less space. No matter the size, storage is always a necessity—here are a few of our favorite solutions.

Look Up

Closets, even if you have plenty, often come with so much unused vertical space. With $17 Amazon risers, you can almost double the amount of storage on that top shelf—and keep every cardigan in sight. 

Undeck the Halls

Decorating for the holidays is a joyous task. Putting all the ornaments and garland away, however, is another story. Professional organizer Shira Gill recommends filling only one box per holiday you celebrate and donating the rest. Bonus points if you can use under-the-bed bins. 

Stack It

If kitchen pantry storage is in short supply, opt for open shelving. It can get chaotic pretty quickly with various cardboard packaging, though. To maximize both space and aesthetics, use uniform, flat-top jars for easy stacking and optimal viewing. No more guessing what’s in that dusty, unmarked tin.