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Come the holiday season, it seems like we’re spending the bulk of our time in limbo between the kitchen and the dining room. And let’s be honest, the latter (more often than not) seems to be an afterthought when it comes to decorative upgrades. This year, we’re all for making a handful of easy changes that’ll take the dining room from drab to fab. Read on to discover the spaces currently inspiring us and the design lessons we learned from each.

We’re never not stealing design tips from the French and this vintage-inspired, Parisian abode is no exception. An array of cool blues blanket the space with a near ethereal feel that permeates down to every thoughtfully curated detail. The pared-back aesthetic boasts two prominent hues (blues and natural browns) that lend to a complementary finish with a subtle hint of contrast. For those working with a monochrome scheme, take a visual cue from this spot and bring in a handful of decorative accents to add interest and a layer of chromatic depth—new curtains or even a structural centerpiece vessel will do the trick.

Tradition may dictate a decorative palette heavily influenced by grounded neutrals but let that not be an excuse for you to take a more vibrant approach to the colors you’ll be channeling this season. This saturated spot, home to artist Angela Chrusciaki Blehm, is a prime example of embracing the non-traditional. Take note from the eclectic array of tonal accessories involved, and emulate the look by opting for tabletop essentials that bear a similar theme. Color-heavy linens, patterned dinnerware, and bright taper candles make for ideal starting points.

Sure, fresh florals make for the perfect tabletop addition but why stop there? For those pressed for time and uninterested in a “quick” decorative upheaval, consider this simple, last-minute fix: potted greens. Fill the empty corners of an otherwise bare or drab dining room with various plants and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the instant transformation it will result in. This Dallas home is all the proof we need.

Old meets the new in this simply serene dining room, complete with an inspired floral and fruit arrangement, which perfectly emulates the signature hues of the season. Here’s proof that a well-designed space doesn’t have to entail an over-the-top decor scheme—minimalism never looked so good.
Revamping a dining room can be as easy as swapping out a single key item. Think along the lines of decorative vases, window treatments, or a fresh landing pad. Utilize this time as an opportunity to take a plunge, bringing in pieces you would otherwise find intimidating. Case in point? The stunning floor piece, pictured here, which instantly transforms this mod dining area.
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Talk about a statement piece. While a table centerpiece is great in theory, it can certainly get in the way of your servingware, especially with the abundance that will ensue come Thanksgiving. Ditch the standard table setting in lieu of a more dramatic statement. We’re taking major pointers from this breathtaking setup where an extravagant cloud-inspired floral installation steals the show.
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Up for a (relatively) quick DIY? While a complete dining room overhaul may not be totally realistic in terms of timing, there are a handful of ways you can upgrade your space by using the pieces you already own. Drab, old dining chairs? It’s nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t fix. Bonus points if you mimic an existing hue from nearby.
Tight on space? Word of advice: don’t attempt to squeeze every single one of your culinary dishes on the tiny table. Instead, opt for a statement-making centerpiece to take up the otherwise empty space in the center. Establish a self-service area, buffet-style, and keep your teeny table free of the superfluous. Plus, it’ll give guests a reason to stand in between all the indulgent eats.
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We’re taking a page out of designer Leanne Ford’s book, when it comes to scheming up a decor plan for the dining room. Amidst the exclusively whitewashed space, a handful of earthy accents and textures instill a much-needed element of warmth. At a loss for a centerpiece? Take to the outdoors and bring in a colorful branch (bonus points if the leaves contain a multitude of shades), pair with an oversized pitcher, and you’ll be all set!

For those looking to make a more dramatic change, it’s all about the walls. Nothing transforms a space quite like an eye-catching wallpaper—actress Megan Ferguson’s LA abode is proof. Plus, it’ll allow leeway in terms of actually having to fill up the room, if you prefer to decorate on the sparse spectrum. Can’t fully commit to the wallpaper? Opt for a temporary installation you can easily swap out at a later point.

This story was originally published on October 2017, it has been updated with new information.