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We owe our jobs a lot, but do we owe them our new apartments? A new report from Zillow details how millennials move more frequently than any generation before them—and it looks like our current work culture plays a part. 

Per Zillow, around 45 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds have lived in their home for less than two years, compared to about 33 percent in 1960. Aside from some unsurprising causes (millennials are getting married later and choosing to rent instead of buy), one big callout has to do with how often they tend to change jobs. “The typical career trajectory has fundamentally changed since the 1960s,” writes Sarah Mikhitarian, Zillow’s senior economist. “Rather than climb a corporate ladder, many young adults hop from one role or function to the next, often requiring a move to a new location for each step.”

The age of the multi-hyphenate has blurred linear career paths into zigzags, and it looks like millennials’ home-owning habits are following suit. When it comes to decorating, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing—consider it a way to test out a bohemian vibe one year and Italian mid-century style the next. The one downside is that no one wants to live in a space that feels temporary, but we have you covered with a few ideas to make short-term digs feel bespoke.

Treat Those Windows

We’re talking curtains, not dinky blinds. Invest in drapes in a luxe material, like linen or velvet, and build on the drama with a bold color and floor-to-ceiling length. It’s an instant way to up a room’s cozy factor—and hide crumbling rental window trim. 

Consider a Mini Mural

If you’re not willing to paint the entire room, pick out a corner and dedicate it to creativity. Use a good primer and test out any technique you want—you can even go freehand! Confining the wall art to one vignette makes it easier to cover when you move out, and you’ll carve out a one-of-a-kind nook in the process. 

Swap Out Light Fixtures

Whether it’s the dated sconce duo greeting guests in the entry or a hideous boob flush mount smack in the middle of your dining room, relegate it to the closet. A new fixture will brighten any room (in more ways than one). Personalization really is all in the details. 

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