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Tour this Heidi Caillier–designed Seattle home here. Photography by Haris Kenjar

For millennials looking for affordable starter homes, their best prospects are clear: It may be time to move to the burbs. A new report shows that young people are indeed willing to move out of a big city in order to nab a good deal—and the places they’re moving to have plenty of appeal beyond their comparatively lower prices.

Minneapolis; Portland, Maine; and Providence, Rhode Island all appear in the Realtor.com report’s top 10 metropolitan areas where millennials are putting down roots—an average 47 percent of 25- to 34-year-olds in these cities are homeowners. There are plenty of reasons why people would be inspired to opt for a long-term commitment in these spots; all three are design hubs in their own regard. Minneapolis is home to both luxury linen label Louise Gray and direct-to-consumer furniture brand Blue Dot. Coastal Portland has an impressive art museum—currently open seven days a week to accommodate the demand to see its popular exhibition on illustrator N.C. Wyeth (who made the art for Treasure Island). And in Providence, residents reap the benefits of the Rhode Island School of Design at the annual Art Providence Show.

There’s no lack of things to see, stuff to do, and places to go—but you could also easily spend your weekends renovating your fixer-upper. Oh, the possibilities.

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