Published on October 5, 2016

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Photography by BON APPETIT

It’s fall! You know what that means…pumpkin everything. Break away from the mold this year and embrace another fall flavor we love: Maple. Here’s how to enjoy the liquid goodness on basically EVERYTHING this season.

maple syrup soaked doughnut holes

Just when you thought doughnuts couldn’t get any better, out come these babies. Soaked in maple syrup and warmed to perfection, there’s nothing more fall than these fluffy pillows of happiness.

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Photography by BLOGLOVIN

vegan lemon garlic herb roasted potatoes

All right, all right. Maple syrup might not be in the name of this potato recipe, but it’s the secret ingredient that makes it one of our favorites. The syrup adds a delicate sweetness to the herb-loaded creation.

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Photography by THE CLEVER CARROT

maple candied bacon

What goes better with maple syrup than crispy, crunchy bacon strips? While you’re more than welcome to snack on these candied delights by themselves, we highly recommend chopping them up and tossing them with popcorn for an extra decadent delight.

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Photography by PIES AND PLOTS

caramelized pretzel bars

Treat yourself to some ultra indulgent caramelized pretzel bars. Why? Because you deserve it. Take this recipe one step further by melting chocolate morsels and drizzling them *artfully* over the bars. Trust us — it’s delicious.

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mini chocolate chip maple pancake cupcakes

Also referred to as “the best thing you’ll ever eat in your life,” these tiny treats pack a powerful maple punch. Bring these sweet treats to your next potluck and watch as all the PSL fans quickly devour them.

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Photography by I WASH YOU DRY

brown butter maple tarts

Have a bottle of pure maple syrup sitting in your cupboard waiting to be used? Put it to work with this brown butter maple tarts recipe. The flaky crust and warm, maple-filled center are absolutely irresistible. Enjoy in moderation — just kidding, EAT THEM ALL!

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Photography by CLOSET COOKING

maple dijon roasted carrots

Maple syrup doesn’t just pair well with baked goods, in fact, it pairs nicely with almost anything. Take carrots for example. Add a bit of maple syrup to dijon mustard (plus a few other yummy ingredients) and you’ve got yourself a maple-glazed side dish perfect for any occasion.

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Photography by MY SEQUINED LIFE

maple walnut pull apart bread

Picture yourself curled up in a warm, ultra-soft blanket on your couch during a crisp autumn. Now picture that same thing but with a loaf of fluffy maple walnut bread to snack on. Yup, it just got a whole lot better. Grab a slice of bread and enjoy.

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figgy maple bourbon fizz

Maple syrup isn’t just for food! There are dozens of cocktails that incorporate the liquid goodness into their recipes. Take the figgy maple bourbon fizz for example. Rather than use simple syrup to give this cocktail a hint of sugar, the creator swapped in maple syrup to give the cocktail the sweetness it needed.

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Photography by HANDLE THE HEAT

doughnut waffles with maple glaze

For some reason, doughnuts seems to be synonymous with maple syrup — and we’re totally okay with that. Savor these yummy, snack sized maple glazed waffles with a warm cup of coffee to start your morning off the right way.

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Photography by BON APPETIT

brussels sprouts with maple syrup

Brussels sprouts smothered in a layer of gooey maple syrup is as close to heaven as a side dish can come. The sweetness of the syrup helps balance out the otherwise bland taste of brussel sprouts in the best way possible. Honestly, we could eat these all day!

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Photography by SERIOUS EATS

s’mores with maple-bourbon marshmallows

Maple + bourbon + graham crackers + chocolate = the best damn s’mores you’ve ever had in your life. Period.

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Photography by DEAR CHRISSY

soft maple sugar cookies

Would any list of maple recipes be complete without a cookies? No. Actually, nothing would be complete without cookies. Bake yourself a few of these soft maple sugar cookies and enjoy.

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Photography by BUNNY’S WARM OVEN

maple oatmeal muffins

Step 1: Bake muffins.

Step 2: Bring muffins to work.

Step 3: Sit back and watch as you become the most popular person at work.

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Photography by FREUTCAKE

bourbon & maple apple cider

Adult apple cider just got a whole lot better thanks to a nice, heaping spoonful of maple syrup. Impress your friends with this fall-flavored cocktail — no pumpkin necessary.

Looking for other ways to enjoy maple syrup this fall? Don’t be afraid to get creative! Snap a pic of your maple creation and tag it with #SOdomino for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.