Published on December 2, 2017

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Effervescent and fabulous, champagne is the ultimate celebratory drink. And while a glass of Veuve Clicquot or Moët never disappoints, when it comes to New Year’s Eve—a night that ritualizes the exciting possibilities that lay ahead in the upcoming year—we like to go all out. And you’d better believe that includes our beverages.

Yes, it’s possible to make bubbly even better. Something as simple as a splash of cider or a sprinkle of pomegranate can transform champagne into a classy and sophisticated cocktail.

Need some libation inspiration? Scroll on for sparkling sippers that are guaranteed to get the party started—and keep it going until the wee hours of the morning. Cheers to 2018!

Sparkling Paloma

The Paloma is a Cinco de Mayo classic, but for an NYE-ready rendition, spike it with rosé champagne. The finishing touch? A glittering star stirrer ups the glam factor.

Get the recipe on Supergolden Bakes.

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Cranberry Cider Champagne Punch

Mixing up a large-batch punch—like this cranberry, cider, champagne, and bourbon concoction—means less time playing bartender during your party and more time mingling with guests.

Get the recipe on Bunsen Burner Bakery.

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Photography by SUPERMAN COOKS

Sparkling Blood Orange Cocktail

All you need is three ingredients—freshly-squeezed blood orange juice, orange liqueur, and champagne—to create this alluring libation. Serve in a coupe glass with a red sugar rim.

Get the recipe on Superman Cooks.

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Photography by EVOLVING TABLE

Mexican 75

No doubt you’re familiar with the French 75, but what about its south of the border counterpart, made with lime, agave, tequila, and champs? Turn your fete into a full on fiesta with a build your own taco bar.

Get the recipe on Evolving Table.

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Pear and Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

If you ask us, cranberries are the unsung heroes of the holidays. This tasty tipple spotlights these deep red gems in all their tart glory. Pear, maple syrup, orange zest, and lots of bubbly round out the recipe.  

Get the recipe on Minimalist Baker.

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Pomegranate Champagne Punch

For an easy make ahead punch that’ll delight throughout the month of December, mix pomegranate and orange juice, peach schnapps, and champagne. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds.

Get the recipe on My Digital Kitchen.

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Photography by TASTY EVER AFTER

Gingered Limoncello Champagne Cocktail

Beautiful, boozy, and bursting with bright lemon and zesty ginger, this cocktail is a total crowd pleaser.

Get the recipe on Tasty Ever After.

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Total Eclipse Cocktail

Planning a “murder at midnight” party? Give your bar menu a dose of drama with this dark and mysterious drink, starring stout, anise liqueur, and champs.  

Get the recipe on The Frosted Petticoat.

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Photography by THE COOKIE ROOKIE

Pink Champagne Sangria

Sangria is the quintessential pre-batched cocktail. And while you might be used to sipping it in the warmer months, swapping in seasonal flavors like grapefruit, pomegranate, and mint takes it from summer to winter in a snap.

Get the recipe on The Cookie Rookie.

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Photography by HUNGRY BY NATURE

Spiced Pear Bellini

Pear-fect (sorry, we couldn’t resist) for day-to-night festivities—or even brunch the following morning—this seasonal Bellini is a total winner. Plus, it’s super simple to make.

Get the recipe on Hungry By Nature.

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Photography by Lynny

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

Make the most of cranberries before they go out of season by adding a mix of fresh berries and juice to your bubbly. A wedge of lime adds even more zing. 

Get the recipe on Bylynny

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Photography by Honestly Yum

Old Cuban

When legendary bartender Audrey Saunders developed this drink at her bar Pegu Club in New York City, she wanted to create a more sophisticated take on the mojito. She swapped out the soda water for champagne, and added a dash of bitters for extra depth. Let’s just say she accomplished her goal.

Get the recipe on Honestly Yum

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Photography by Well Plated

Apple Cider Cocktail

This variation of a Mimosa trades OJ for apple cider. You could stop there if that’s all the booze you want, or add in a shot of rum to give your evening a little more oomph.

Get the recipe on Well Plated.

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Photography by Creative Culinary

French 75

The classic French 75 features gin, which puts some people off because of its distinct, piney flavor. If that flavor isn’t for you, look to American gins (like Aviation from Portland), where juniper takes a backseat to other botanicals like lavender. Or swap in your favorite vodka: You’ll still have a great drink.

Get the recipe on Creative Culinary.

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Photography by Nicole Perry/PopSugar

Grapefruit-Elderflower Sparkler

Champagne cocktails can sometimes get a bad rep for being too sweet. But here, grapefruit mixed with a dry sparkling rosé creates a drink with some balance and depth.

Get the recipe on PopSugar. 

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Photography by Delightful E Made

Pomegranate Citrus Champagne Cocktail

Pomegranates are in season, and they make a great addition to this tart, effervescent cocktail. Citrus vodka gives it an extra kick.

Get the recipe on Delightful E Made

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Photography by Well Plated

Kir Royale

Travel through France’s Burgundy region, and you’ll find bottles of crème de cassis everywhere. This liqueur is a regional specialty made from sweet, earthy blackcurrants. It’s not surprising that the people in one of the world’s most famous wine regions would mix bubbly and their favorite liqueur to create the Kir Royale.

Get the recipe on Well Plated.

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Photography by Pineapple and Coconut

Pineapple-Coconut Champagne Cocktail

For those in northern climates who’d like to ignore how cold it is outside this New Year’s, make this tropical twist on the champagne cocktail. It’s like a beach vacation in your glass.

Get the recipe on Pineapple and Coconut

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Photography by Reclaiming Provincial

The Classic Champagne Cocktail

This is the easiest cocktail of them all. In the same way an Old Fashioned is just sugar with some bitters and a pour of your favorite spirit (usually whiskey), this drink swaps out the spirit for some champagne. Throw in a lemon twist, and you’re a mixologist.

Get the recipe on Reclaiming Provincial

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Photography by Lark & Linen

The Love Potion

This DIY blackberry syrup will transform your favorite champagne, prosecco, or cava into a sweet and tangy cocktail.

Get the recipe on Lark & Linen

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Photography by Turntable Kitchen

The Seelbach

This drink became famous because of its backstory: It’s supposedly a long-lost pre-Prohibition cocktail that was rediscovered by the bartender at the Seelbach hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Turns out that story isn’t true: The bartender just made up the tale and the drink. So doubt the story, but don’t doubt that this is a delicious union of bourbon and bubbly.

Get the recipe on Turntable Kitchen

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Photography by Give Recipe

Strawberry-Lime Champagne

Break out the food processor before guests arrive to puree your strawberries with lime juice. Then, chill the concoction in the fridge so that your invitees can mix their own drinks to their desired strength.

Get the recipe on Give Recipe

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Photography by Inspired Taste

For the Morning After

If you had a little too much fun on New Year’s Eve, motor function may be impaired on New Year’s Day. If you’re in need of a little hair of the dog, just go with the classic brunch staple: the Mimosa. It doesn’t get easier than mixing orange juice and champagne.

Get the recipe on Inspired Taste. 

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