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With everything that goes into hosting a holiday party—from the food to the decor—shortcuts are of the essence. While it would be nice to shake up a unique cocktail order for every guest, odds are you just won’t have the time between all the cooking, cleaning, and general entertaining on your to-do list. 

Save yourself time and stress by whipping up a big-batch cocktail instead. Better yet, do it ahead of time, like Simone Goldberg, head bartender at The Standard in NYC, recommends. “Pre-batching can be done far in advance unless you’re adding any sort of fresh juice into the mix, in which case I would only do it a day or two prior,” she says. “If it’s just booze, you can let it hang out all year.” Just set it out and let guests fill their glasses as they wish—no hassle!

From holiday spins on classic cocktails to seasonal smashups, there’s a cocktail for whatever mood you’re going for. Make them when you have some free time, leave them in the freezer, and prepare for a good time.

Spiced Apple Cider Sangria

Made with wine and cognac, this autumnal spin on sangria from Completely Delicious is basically a fresh take on your usual spiked cider. It’ll pair perfectly with the autumnal food you’re serving. 

Manhattan Punch

As far as classic cocktails go, it doesn’t get much more festive than this supersize Manhattan from Cake ’n Knife. Thanks to the addition of soda water, it’s a bit less alcoholic than the traditional version—so you don’t have to stress about waking up with a headache.

Pomegranate Orange Punch

How Sweet Eats takes advantage of seasonal pomegranates and citrus in this fruity holiday punch. For any non-drinkers who might be in attendance, consider serving it without alcohol—guests who are so inclined to imbibe can top it off with champagne themselves. 

Chili-Cinnamon Bourbon Hot Toddy

This piping hot brew from Minimalist Baker will add some much-needed heat to your holiday festivities. Have it ready for guests when they arrive so they can warm up right away. Bonus: Your home will smell fantastic.

Cranberry Apple Mojito

This tropical number from Teak and Thyme proves that mojitos are appropriate all year. Just add cranberries and apples to give it that seasonal, red-and-green flare. 

Champagne Punch with Honey-Rosemary Simple Syrup

Any champagne or sparkling wine that you have on hand will work for this recipe from With Food and Love. If you want to mix it up in advance, combine everything except the champagne and ice—wait until just before your guests arrive to add those final two ingredients. 

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