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By Sarah Bracy Penn

It’s summertime and the drinking’s easy. When entertaining, rosé is the obvious beverage to stock up on. It’s refreshing, easy to sip… and will most likely be the first thing to run out! Remember the Rosé Drought of 2014 in the Hamptons? Talk about tragic. To avoid a major party foul, we’ve found 35 easy cocktails, punches and sangrias you can prepare beforehand or whip up on the fly in the *likely* event that your pink wine runs dry.

cucumber watermelon sangria

Cucumbers and melon balls easily soak up white wine. This refreshing cucumber watermelon sangria will have you buzzing all night long.

peach wine slushies

We’re huge fans of putting wine in a blender. Combine frozen peaches and a sweet wine (Sauvy B, anyone?) into a blender and voila! A delicious, crowd-pleasing wine slushie.

bee’s knees wine cocktail

While a traditional, Prohibition-era Bee’s Knees cocktail uses gin, grab a bottle of moscato for a quick, wine-based version that is sure to impress.

frozen fruit cocktail stir sticks

In the likely event that you run out of rosé, your guests may result to white wine. The easiest way to tszuj up a boring glass of vino? Garnish them with frozen fruit cocktail stirrers!

grapefruit tequila slammer

For the quick-thinking hostess, nothing’s better to save a party like a 3-ingredient cocktail. Combine grapefruit juice, lemon lime soda and tequila for this refreshing, boozy grapefruit tequila cocktail.

put a popsicle in your prosecco

This sweet treat is a snap to make–especially in an unexpected rosé shortage! Put popsicles in glasses of bubbly for a fun (and fast!) drink to pass around.

apple and pear white wine sangria

This white wine sangria has an irresistible soft green hue. Prepare it beforehand and keep chilled so you can easily serve it when the rosé is running low.

cranberry orange crush

This tart and tangy libation is so easy, you probably already have all the ingredients in your fridge! Plus — it’s pink! Those with a serious affinity for pink wine will greatly appreciate.

plum and thyme prosecco smash

Stone fruits are so hot right now. Pick up some fresh plums at the market and you’ll be steady sipping this prosecco smash all night long.

champagne margarita

What’s a party without a little champagne? Top these easy-to-make margaritas with bubbly and you’ll be the toast of the town.

pinot noir and italian soda cocktail

Who says you can’t have red wine in the summer? These 4-ingredient, wine-based cocktails are an easy alternative to rosé. Grab one of those bottles your guests left unopened and mix up this sweet and simple cocktail.

blood orange sangria

What’s one fruit we can’t get enough of? Blood oranges! Not only are they delicious, but they are a gorgeous garnish atop this yummy white wine sangria.

blackberry thyme champagne cocktail

Down to your last bottle of summer water? Switch over to these simple blackberry thyme champagne cocktails!

tropical wine slushies

We’re not above boxed wine… especially in a slushie! Whip up these 4-ingredient slushies for a tropical treat that’s sure to delight.

tangerine sorbet mimosas

Everyone loves a good rosé at brunch… but when the bottle is empty, a mimosa is the obvious answer. Step up your mimosa game and swap out the usual orange juice for a scoop of tangy sorbet!

paloma cocktail

Come late June, you’ve probably reached your margarita limit. Try a tequila-based Paloma for an easy, tart and delicious alternative.

blueberry mojitos

This sweet blueberry mojito recipe yields enough for your entire crew! Prepare it in advance and serve it up when the rosé runs dry.

english garden

This 3-ingredient prosecco cocktail is just as satisfying as it is beautiful. The English Garden is also incredibly simple, but put the elderflower cordial on your shopping list. It’s not an ingredient we see on most bar carts!

muddled raspberry and champagne cocktail

Who doesn’t love rock candy? And who doesn’t love rock candy IN a cocktail? Toss in a spoonful of muddled raspberries and a heavy pour of champagne and you’ve got us hooked.

blood orange sangria

Another blood orange recipe because we just can’t get enough. This time, the rich-hued fruit is the base for a beautiful sangria.

mango mojito

This fruity and fresh mojito is easy to sip and a breeze to make.

set up a mimosa bar

When all else fails, have your guests make their own mimosas! Provide bottles of bubbly, a variety of fresh juices and sliced fruit for garnish. Your guests will love this little DIY cocktail station!

raspberry ginger smash

This classic bourbon smash has a sweet and tart twist. Add a few spoonfuls of jam — whatever flavor strikes your fancy! — and you’ve got a slightly creamy citrus smash that takes seconds to make.

champagne grapefruit mojito

Champagne? In a mojito? Why not. Add with a dash of rum and some muddled mint and grapefruit and you’ve got a bubbly beverage everyone will love.

pineapple rum punch

Pineapple juice and coconut rum is a go-to drink for easy beach sipping. Bring the beach home with this 3-ingredient pineapple rum punch!

champagne and strawberry ice cubes

Prepare these sweet little frozen hearts before your guests arrive — that way, if the wine runs out, you’ll just pop the champagne, toss in these strawberry ice cubes and have an instant crowd-pleaser.

meyer lemon gimlet with thyme simple syrup

There are few cocktails that are easier to whip up than a batch of gimlets. Don’t worry, this variety uses sweet Meyer lemons and thyme, so you won’t be a photobomb with a puckered face.

refreshing pineapple summer punch

This pineapple and Chambord cocktail, also called a French Martini, is simple to shake up. Just make sure you have the Chambord on hand!

fresh honeydew margaritas

There are few things as refreshing as a slice of summer melon. If you’re afraid your wine will run low, prepare this homemade honeydew juice and stash it in the fridge. Then it’s a snap — just stir in the tequila and lime juice for a delicious and unexpected take on a margarita!

blood orange rickey

A 3-ingredient cocktail that’s pink AND garnished with a beautiful slice of citrus? Count us in.

hemingway daiquiri

The Hemingway Daiquiri is a classic. Every hostess should try to have the ingredients on their home bar… the blush pink cocktail never disappoints and can be whipped up in an instant.

raspberry peach prosecco punch

We love to pick up summer peaches from the farmer’s market. Use the fresh, juicy fruit in this easy prosecco punch for a quick drink to pass around.

strawberry champagne mojito

Make a batch of these bubbly berry mojitos in six minutes or less! You probably have all the ingredients in your fridge already…

lemon blueberry vodka spritzer

Lemon, blueberry and honey? Yes, please! The effervescence of the sparkling water keeps this spritzer refreshing and bubbly.

kiwi capricosa

If you prep the diced kiwi and mint leaves in advance, these sweet green capricosas will be your go-to cocktail when the rosé runs out.