candy minimalism is the hottest thing on instagram right now

the candy-colored theme that is so in right now!

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Meet our latest Instagram obsession: candy-colored minimalism. Inspired by the saturated hues often found in classic sweets, @candyminimal prides itself on elevating the everyday with a candy-colored transformation. Take a peek at a few of our favorites here!

The hue on this wall is as bright as a Lemon Head! The contrast between the dark green leaves and the bright hue of the background is absolutely striking.

A bubblegum pink umbrella set against a cloudless sky creates the perfect #candyminimal scene.

Buildings aren’t exempt from the candy minimalism trend, and this mint green exterior was just too good to not capture.

Candy minimalism at its finest: a gorgeous palm leaf in front of a two-toned wall. We couldn’t ask for much more.

Candy minimalism is all about the color and styling of a photograph. This pale, burnt orange background acts as a complement to the dark clay pots, earthy brown soil, and dark green succulents.

Another key feature of candy minimalism is repetition, just like the one featured in this mesmerizing image.

Of course, the trend isn’t just for pastels – bright neon shades are also fair game. We love the mesh of fuschia, lime green, baby blue, and bright orange in this shot.

This fun candy minimalism shot looks as if it belongs on the set of a new Dr. Seuss flick.

This perfect pink sunset over Cinderella’s castle in Disneyland features the most dreamy and saturated hues.

A pale pink door, lively green aloe plants, and a baby blue sky combine to make a splendid candy-colored shot.

Capturing a candy minimalism shot is all about the angle. In this case, the photographer uses the sky as a backdrop for the palm trees — the shot taken from underneath naturally crops out unwanted buildings or objects.

Fries, hotdogs, and cotton candy pink walls? We couldn’t ask for a better place to grab concession snacks.

Sometimes all you need to take the best candy minimalism photo is a few rainbow-colored flowers and a gorgeous pink backdrop.

This vintage bowling sign is everything that is right with the candy minimalism trend.