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At domino, we know a thing or two about

small space living

For those of us who have roommates, our bedrooms are an escape from the noise of the city streets, chatter from neighbors in the hallway, or our roomies’ constant commentary during a late-night Real Housewives binge. And because it’s the only space that’s all our own, we want it be serene and streamlined, while still showing off a little character. With that in mind, what better place to look for inspiration than a boutique hotel room? We’ve stumbled upon some seriously chic tiny hotel rooms that do small space SO right that we couldn’t help but share.

For starters, how perfect is this room at the Marlton Hotel in New York City’s Greenwich Village? All-white walls keep the space fresh, while the headboard adds a pop of color. Tiny side tables provide just enough surface space for your nighttime reading or phone, and a vintage-inspired single-bulb wall sconce replaces a chunky lamp.

At New York’s Pod 39 hotel, this “single pod” room is all the space you really need. Built in storage space is available below the custom-made twin bed, and a desk doubles as a bedside table.

In Amsterdam, the Qbic WTC Hotel keeps things minimal but chic. There’s no closet space, so a simple clothing rack is subtly tucked in the back corner. In teeny

tiny bedroom

, it’s totally aprop to incorporate your clothing into the decor!

This tiny gray bedroom is full of

small space hacks

A long wall-to-wall shelf doubles as a desk, while fabulous brass clothing racks are hung from the ceiling. Bedside lamps are replaced by a tiny sconce and pendant light, allowing for more surface space on the bedside table.

New York’s Howard Hotel is so well-designed, it’s an insta-blogger’s paradise. We love the color scheme and aesthetic in this space, where

scandinavian design

meets tiny living.

Tiny apartments often feature inconveniently-shaped bedrooms, much like this galley-style hotel room. By sectioning off the room into sleeping and sitting areas, you maximize the potential for this tiny room.

In Paris’s Hotel Bachaumont, an untraditional shaped desk (with adorable stool pushed beneath!) solves the small space desk dilemma.

A scalloped tiny table serves as the perfect bedside table in the small bedroom at the Quirk Hotel in Richmond, Virginia. Bonus points for the built-in window seats that double as storage space.

In many older apartment buildings, there are rules against installing fixtures or drilling into plaster or brick walls. At the South Congress Hotel in Austin, they’ve found a genius hack to get around the rule! Use a tiered beam headboard to install desk lamps without making a single scuff in the walls.

At The Chequit on New York’s beautiful Shelter Island, a two-tone painted wall adds dimension to this tiny hotel room, while a bright yellow chair adds unexpected character.

The Graduate Hotel group is planting fabulous boutique hotels in some of America’s most beloved college towns. Their goal? To ensure you feel like you’re in college again–sort of. That definitely includes small space living, but we have a feeling this bedroom’s playful yet masculine aesthetic tops your average dorm room…

At the Renwick Hotel in New York, a large floor-length mirror makes the room feel much larger, while a stool serves as a tiny table AND a spot to sit.


emerald green room

in Paris’s Hotel Saint Marc is tres chic for so many reasons. A vintage-inspired desk and stool fit snugly in the back corner, while two cool rod lights span from floor to ceiling.

We don’t know which room at the Hotel Henriette we like best! Each tiny room is unique, but there’s something about this blush pink and mint green one we adore. A tiny stool serves as a bedside table between two queen beds, and minimal (but chic!) brass sconces hang overhead. If you’re sharing a room with a roomie, take serious note!

At Longman and Eagle in Chicago, where only a handful of rooms are available, they’ve really mastered small space design. This room, with rustic wood paneling and cool exposed brick, also features a sink and shower–no walls necessary.

Old Italy meets mid-century modern in this bedroom at the G-Rough Hotel in Rome, where mod green desk lamps flank each side of this plush bed with an empty-framed headboard.

At the Ett Hem in Stockholm, a wood-paneled peaked ceiling makes this room feel much larger, considering the actual square footage. And did you even notice the bathroom is in the bedroom? With a claw-foot tub so beautiful, you hardly notice it’s a tub at all.

No room for a bedside table? At Scotland’s Killiehuntly Hotel, the headboard features a built in bedside shelf, perfect for a small reading light or a place to charge your phone.

In New Orleans, the recently-opened Ace Hotel has interiors to inspire. The rooms may be small, but they incorporate great furnishings we can all get behind. This matching chair and table are the perfect scale for a tiny bedroom–so we’re obviously scouting for a pair ASAP.