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While there’s a lot we can learn from seriously stylish temporary stays, navigating tight quarters reigns key. That’s why we scoured the globe for teeny hotels that are mastering small spaces with smart design. These admirable spots caught our eye with their clever storage solutions and creative space-saving tricks. Read on to discover what we learned from each and how you can easily incorporate their chic hacks into your own home.


Expose Your Clothes

Closed closets tend to make a small space feel especially cramped. An on-the-wall option—like MADE Hotel’s sleek setup with brass touches—serves as a clean alternative to a traditional closet or hanging rack, which would otherwise soak up precious floor space. But, beware: If you want to commit to a completely transparent closet, there’s little wiggle room for a mess.

MADE Hotel, New York, NY


Store by Stacking

Simplify your bed area by stashing your nightstand essentials in easy-to-access boxes. This sweet hotel creates a charming bedside vignette by combining a variety of colors, textures, and sizes. Are you a renter who’s frequently on the move? This easy storage solution makes packing easier.

Graduate, Athens, GA


Frame With Tiles

Slowly suffering in a crowded studio? Try designating your snoozing spot from the rest of the room by using tiles to frame the area. While the contrast between this graphic layout and the stark white walls certainly catches our interest, the tiled backdrop also functions as a substitute for a bulky headboard, if you’re tight on room.

The Serras Hotel, Barcelona, Spain


Opt for a Versatile Nook

Tufted couch by day, luxe bed by night. The Dean hotel in Dublin teaches us a lesson in the art of duality. Just because you’re lacking square footage doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your sofa. Create a nook that can take care of all your lounging needs, from dawn until dusk.

The Dean, Dublin, Ireland


When in Doubt: Stool

Square footage might be your enemy, but stools are your friend. Whether you’re looking for a spot to display your reads or simply need a place to take a seat, stools are a small-space essential you shouldn’t live without. This artful option at the Renwick Hotel in New York City adds flexibility as well as character to the bedroom.

Renwick Hotel, New York, NY


Look Up

At this cozy boutique stay in South Africa, detailed ceilings make a powerful punch—and all the difference. This suite’s bold, blooming wallpaper invites guests to glance up, creating the sense that the ceilings are higher than they actually are.

Majeka House, Stellenbosch, South Africa


Be Bulky, but Balanced

It’s easy to assume that mini furniture and equally microscopic bedrooms go hand-in-hand. But, we beg to differ. Structure your space with balance in mind, like this DIY yurt that proves it’s possible to stick to just a few key pieces versus a collection of smaller objects.

DIY Yurt by Little Yellow Couch


Congregate Your Sleeping Space

Seriously consider compiling your life with an alcove bed. This tech-friendly nook at the Arlo Hotel in SoHo not only offers plenty of room for your things below but, it also has everything you need for winding down at night inside. TV? Check. Charging station? Check. Incredible water views? Check.

Arlo Hotel, New York, NY


Enjoy Breakfast (Basically) in Bed

Looking for an excuse to be totally lazy? This mini bedside dining spot is the perfect fit for small-space dwellers who can’t bare a tiresome trek to the kitchen—and aren’t keen on entertaining either.

Hotel Bachaumont, Paris, France


Max Out Below

If you’re like us and live for fantastic under-the-bed storage, you’ll appreciate this safari-inspired suite’s efficient organization fix. Take advantage of the space below your bed with a minimalist mix of shelves and drawers.

Moxy Times Square, New York, NY


Hang, Hang, Hang

Instead of opting for a bedside light that needs a stable surface to stand on, choose a chic one that hangs. At the charming Greydon House in Nantucket, delicate floating light fixtures seamlessly blend in with the space’s New England-inspired surroundings while offering ample room on the nightstand.

Greydon House, Nantucket, MA