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Although this fall felt fleeting, and we’re already looking ahead to the colder months of winter (and a NEW issue!), we had to stop and reflect on all that we learned from our fall issue. Read on to discover the lessons you may have missed. (Hey, we know it’s easy to get distracted by the pretty pictures.)

Photography by NICOLE FRANZEN

1. You don’t need a large space in order to express your style.

While small-space living often feels forced, the home of Christene Barberich, global editor in chief and cofounder of Refinery29, is giving us hope. She fit so much personality and style into a tiny, two-bedroom Brooklyn apartment, we can’t help but be inspired.

Photography by JESSICA ANTOLA

2. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

If we learned anything from our feature on Paris’s Hotel Bachaumont, it’s that like the designer of the space, Dorothée Meilichzon, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix styles, eras, and colors. Spend time sourcing unique pieces and textiles from a variety of places and don’t rush the end result.


3. Bring natural textures into your home for an understated feeling of luxury.

Nadine and Matt Abramcyk designed a home filled with natural touches, like the cork-backed shelves you see here. Natural elements can be both statement-making and serene, which are two elements we always want in our spaces.

Photography by LAURE JOLIET

4. You can design your home solely in neutrals and still create a cozy, welcoming space.

Take a page from Erin Fetherston and co-owner of Consort Design, Mat Sanders, and layer your home in soft neutrals and natural accents. The result will hopefully be your own take on Fetherston’s Los Angeles bungalow.

Photography by MEREDITH JENKS

5. A little bit of paint can go a long way.

Rachel Antonoff’s redesigned office is now just as cool as her brand, thanks to some stylish paint applications, like ombré shelves and a custom ceiling mural. It’s time to get creative with your paint choices.

Photography by DAVID PRINCE

6. Start designing your home with a story or theme.

Taavo Somer

, the man behind NYC favorites Freemans and Le Turtle, knows a thing or two about designing a space people want to hang out in. Take his advice and start not with a color or piece of furniture, but what story you want to tell with your space.


7. It is possible to make Pinterest come to life.

Take Elsie Larson‘s home for example. The A Beautiful Mess blogger’s home is perfect, in the way only your dream Pinterest board can be. And you know what that means—stop dreaming of your ideal space and start making it happen!