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by Cora L. Diekman

This couch is proof that pink and red CAN work together in the same space, playing off one another to create a sitting room that’s both fun and pulled together. Pink walls brighten the space making the most of the natural sunlight, while the darker red sofa adds sophistication. The vibe of this room is definitely grown-up feminine with attitude.

Lovely, feminine, and functional — these light pink walls combine with floral accents to create an inviting eating space that’s everything we love about pink.

Like a Pride and Prejudice set awash in pink, this bedroom is the height of Victorian-esque romance and sophistication, complete with gold accents, ornate furniture, and lush textiles.

In the palest of pinks, a modern sitting room blushes with a soft, feminine vibe.

The combination of both bold and barely-there pink hues gives this space unique dimension, while still maintaining a

monochromatic palette

This inviting sitting space takes ‘solid pink’ to the max by painting the ceiling a shade of pink slightly more bold than the pale hue on its walls.

With wall to wall

subway tile

in a blushing shade of pink, even the bathroom can do solid pink in style.

Pink doesn’t always have to be bold and flower-filled. This simple (dare we say minimal?) bedroom is traditional and romantic, and the epitome feminine-chic.

Just as feminine doesn’t have to be floral, pink doesn’t have to be overly feminine. Yes, this space exudes plenty of feminine vibes, but it’s also well balanced with plenty of other eclectic and masculine elements, such as the rustic wood floor, chunky wood furniture, and green fabrics.

This delicate pink bedroom is perfect for a girl of any age, or even a guest suite, complete with lots of glitter and a glam crystal chandelier.

This bedroom has a very upscale hotel-chic feel, with sophisticated window treatments and gorgeous fabric all around.

Can we work here, please? This gorgeous space is the office of our dreams. It’s everything you’d ever want, complete with pink walls and TONS of visual interest. Oh, those patterns!