scandinavian style that’s not monochrome

14 spots that prove that colorful scandi-style exists.
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We’ve all seen our fair share of Scandinavian-inspired spaces, and if there’s one motif that’s entirely undeniable, a monochromatic scheme is it. Here, we’ve gathered an eclectic set of spaces, which prove that modern minimalism and vibrant color palettes do, in fact, exist. See for yourself.

Elevate a reserved color palette by incorporating eye-catching textures into the mix. Note the marbled gray wallpaper to the right, borrowing a common chord from the flooring, which pairs so perfectly with the pink wall paint.

A monochrome decor scheme is saturated with a vibrant display of greens, pops of color from the pillows and throws, and bright art on the walls. Consider this a compromise.

As monochromatic as this entry may seem at first glance, take note of the warmth instilled by the wooden details coupled with brass-finished light fixtures and a natural hint of green.

A modern setup within a classically elegant framework is complemented by the dusty shade of sage green on the walls and a scattered display we’d like to dub the abstract

gallery wall

With no shortage of warm shades and cozy details, this lively bedroom is anything but monochrome!

A graphic print evokes a rejuvenating essence within the warm characteristics of this charming dining room.

When it comes to the little ones, a colorless palette just won’t do. Within the mod framework of this room, we find a vibrant accent wall coupled with a scattered sort of colorful details that warm up the minimal yet chic space.

Within the whitewashed aesthetic of this space, we find pops of color of an earthy palette in a number of clever forms – wall paint, linens, and wall art, included – that elevate the overall decor.


matte black wall paint

“] sets the tone for this rustic-meets modern dining room, where reclaimed wood furnishings lend a layer of depth to the subtly industrialized elements of the space.

Incorporating more than two colors within a space can get tricky, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Yet, this space proves that finding a shade that complements the two – in this case, black – can help achieve a more cohesive look.

An autumnal palette brings this all-white space to life, with a modest yet inviting display of color.

Vibrant wall art and blush toned walls aside, we can’t get enough of the mod coffee table, sporting a multicolor leg situation!

Inside this Stockholm hotel, a gray wall paint with smokey green undertones lends a chic backdrop for the modern furnishings of a complementary scheme. Brass fixtures, a light gray rug, and stained wood accent pieces complete the decorative effect of the room.

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