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2-in-1 rooms that feel functional, not forced

how to maximize your open layout floor plan like a pro!
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If there’s one thing every small-space dweller knows all too well, making the most of limited square footage is it. For every bedroom that doubles as a living room, dining room, and home office (or any combination of the aforementioned), it takes a whole lot of planning and creativity to create a livable space that is both functional and comfortable. We took to our tried and true tips for maximizing floor space to help you make the most of yours. Take a look!

Utilize multipurpose furnishings. In this open studio, a compartmentalized console not only provides ample storage space, it also stands in as a stylish divider between the bedroom and the living room.

Stick to a consistent decorative style, with subtle disparities, to establish a cohesive aesthetic. In this whitewashed space, a monochrome color scheme is elevated by textural accents and wooden details. The understated differences between the living room and dining room make the two spaces feel separate, but complimentary.

For a more coherent effect, opt for identical lighting solutions throughout the area.

Use paint to differentiate between the two areas, especially if you have the luxury of built-in dividers. In this open plan kitchen, a chic color block in a saturated shade helps make the kitchen pop!

This vibrantly striped rug not only imparts the room with an eye-catching focal point, it also helps establish the boundaries of the dining room, located within the kitchen.

Whitney Leigh Morris’ knack for maximizing the floor space of a 362-square-foot bungalow is inspiring, to say the least. A simple half wall doubles as a backing for the sofa, as well as a mini backsplash for the kitchen counter. How’s that for form and function?

A mini table conveniently set between the sofa and the bed can function as both a nightstand and a side table for the living room!

This cozy living space features a kitchen, living room, and dining room in one! The similarities in design style, color palette, and overall aesthetic institute a cohesive flow throughout each of the rooms.

The dining room, which seems to be an extension of the kitchen, is decked with lighting that extends well into the adjoining space. The dining table borrows a common hue from the marble ingrain of the kitchen’s backsplash, contributing a complementary element to the overall decor.

Shelving can easily help define the purpose of a room, with regard to how they’re placed. Paired with a desk in a vertically ascending manner, they can establish a home office within an open layout studio.

Stick to a consistent color scheme to establish a sense of fluidity throughout the area. Here, an all-white bedcover blends into the whitewashed walls, cleverly concealing the “bedroom” from the rest.

A sheer curtain not only provides a subtle divide between the living room and the bed, it also imparts the space with a delicate detail.

Use color to establish variances within an open layout floor plan. In this eclectically modern home, a splash of black wall paint sets the kitchen apart from the adjoining living room.

Something as simple as the arrangement of the furniture can help achieve the effect of two rooms in one. Note the similarities of the color tones within this eclectically decked home, where an all-white scheme provides the perfect backdrop for the playful pops of color from the furnishings.

In this living space, which occasionally has to double as a dining room, a versatile folding table conveniently functions as a dining spot for four.

In this compact studio apartment, a sofa paired with a side table (earmarked as a coffee table) are set on a lengthy rug which, helps define the confines of what would normally be the living room.

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