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photography by   EVE WILSON / THE DESIGN FILES

When it comes to designing a space with a limited color palette, things can get tricky. We know. From finding a balance between decorative styles to honing in on the ideal palette, there are a number of things to consider when designing a neutral space. Enter one imperfectly perfect home, located in the Northcote suburb of Melbourne, with an effortlessly chic approach to a seemingly simple design scheme. Here’s what we learned.

rethink the definition of a neutral A term once exclusive to an off-white palette has since expanded to encompass shades of pinks, grays, and browns.

get creative with textures Glossy, bristled, matte, or cozy. The possibilities are endless! Decorative accents of an unusual shape or feel can help add depth to a space of a monochromatic feel.

utilize color for key details Incorporate a complementary hue within the decor to offset the basic palette of the room. Note the subtle pops of dusty lilac scattered throughout this dreamy space.

an accent room is essential The secret to a neutrally streamlined home that doesn’t seem too plain? Designating a space to serve as an accent room. Maintain an aesthetic similar to the rest of the home with the addition of a slightly bolder shade.