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Pastels for spring might be up there with florals in terms of decidedly non-groundbreaking trends, but this year we’re looking at them differently. Specifically, lavender: The pale purple is more digestible than its bolder cousin, Ultra Violet, and is perfect for adding a colorful edge to your home in time for the new season.

That said, painting a wall or reupholstering your furniture in a purple of any shade can seem like a mildly overwhelming task… which is why we asked our favorite designers and bloggers for help. Here, how the experts are bringing in this trendy hue this spring. Feel free to bookmark your favorite tips and let us know in the comments how you would use lavender and lilac in your homes.

Joy Cho, Oh Joy

Bring in purple in a fun, unexpected way with a

diagonal color blocked wall

. Then, add in a fun, multi-colored rug that has hints of purple in it so that it ties back to the wall color. Using a rug with multiple colors complements all the solid colors layered on top.

Jacquelyn Clark, Lark & Linen

I’ve been drawn to a soft lavender hue myself over the last year or so, and I love that it’s starting to trickle into homes far and wide. When it comes to designing your home I truly believe that less is more. Whether it’s

styling your coffee table

with a few lavender-colored books, or

wallpapering an accent wall

in a timeless pattern, [a subtle update] is the quickest way to infuse a little color; all while keeping everything soft and serene.

Joanna Hawley, Jojotastic

Admittedly, the color palette in my home is very minimal: Lots of white with pops of black and navy blue. I still love to incorporate trendy color pops when I can—especially through

seasonal flower arrangements.

One of the first things I did when I bought my home was plant two lilac trees. Now, I regularly cut bits from them to bring the gorgeous scent and the lovely lilac color into my home. I especially love how the purple provides an unexpected pop against my neutral toned home.

Anita Yokota

Place pops of this pretty shade at your

work desk

as an easy way to get in on the trend. Although the background is neutral, the warm mix of natural wood from the desk [with] colorful accessories and soft textiles bring lavender to the forefront.

Even if you’re not an artist, getting the paint brush out and conjuring up abstract art in a complementary color is an unexpected way to incorporate lavender. I didn’t have any purple art on hand and thought it would be fun to just paint something with lavender! It doesn’t even have to be framed. I just put it up on my inspo grid and that was that.

Justina Blakeney, The Jungalow

Textured walls

soften any space. They have an old world vibe with their chalky, weathered patina look and depth. The best way to get the look you’ve probably seen on homes in Greece, Morocco, or here in the Southwest U.S is to lime wash your walls. Lime wash is actually just ground-up limestone mixed with water and pigment. Romantic, ambient lighting pairs really well with a lime-washed wall because it gently highlights the consistency of the surface and variation in color. If you’re using [lavender] as your primary color for a textured wall, try pairing it with olive green and gold hues for a complementary palette.

Shavonda Gardner, SG Style

Purple is my absolute favorite color so I’m loving seeing lavender and lilac getting their moment in the spotlight. These colors can tend to play out as a bit demur or sweet, so to avoid that I love seeing them used in bold ways.

A velvet sofa

in lilac makes a beautiful, luxe statement in a room. For those not so bold in their design choices, you can easily incorporate the color by way of


. Throw pillows, bedding, or table linens are super commitment-free and a great way to play with color for the color-shy. I also love seeing it used in tiles in a bathroom or kitchen, in a

bold printed wallpaper.

Lauren Makk, Yelp

Try it in your


! New dishes, table linens, and glasses are a great non-committal way of trying out trends—and won’t hit your pockets too deep.

One super easy way to tiptoe into this trend is to simply buy a potted version of this color in its actual form.

Grab a pot

of lilac or lavender! Not only will it look great, but it will leave your home smelling great too.


Dee Murphy, Murphy Deesign

Purple, even in the lightest of shades, can be intimidating to some, but when spring rolls around it can add the loveliest of pops to your decor. If you’re afraid of a statement-making piece in purple but want to be a bit more bold,

go for a rug

that showcases various shades of this vibrant hue. It won’t overwhelm the space, but it’s just enough to catch your eye and most certainly give you a pep in your step.

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