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text by  SHANI SILVER photography by  ELLIE LILLSTROM

Lindsay Pincus, Founder of Lindsay Pincus Design recently shared with us a very special project–one of her own. In anticipation of her baby boy’s arrival, a plan for a well-styled nursery needed to come together, especially in the home of a designer. In her 1920’s craftsman home in the Laurelhurst neighborhood of Seattle, Lindsay styled a nursery for her son that hits the gender-neutral mark in the most fun way imaginable–in multicolor! Fun, youthful (but not baby) color moments delight the eye and set an uplifting mood.

WHAT WAS YOUR INITIAL GOAL FOR YOUR NURSERY? My goal for the nursery was to create a place for my son to feel totally at ease when resting and full of excitement when awake.

WHERE DID YOU DRAW INSPIRATION FOR THIS SPACE? My husband and I moved to Seattle during my pregnancy and we found a home in a charming neighborhood on Lake Washington. I went on plenty of walks (and eventually waddles) in my new city, and I was so inspired by the beautiful Seattle summer. The water is so prominent here; it glistens in the sun and people are out on boats enjoying themselves. A marine theme emerged out of that – nothing too overstated – but it found its way into the artwork, light fixture and color palette. It definitely helped me embrace Seattle as home.

HOW DOES SOMEONE EVEN START PLANNING A NURSERY? First consider your baby’s needs and comfort, as well as what you think your own needs will be in that room. Only then would I start selecting a color palette and addressing other design elements. That will all get figured out. But remember that this is a room that must be navigable and practical – obviously your design choices matter, but trust me, they won’t be your main concern when you’re trying to soothe at 3am!

WHAT IS THE BEST REACTION YOU’VE HAD TO THIS NURSERY SPACE? A friend in my new moms group came in and exclaimed, “Um, can I please sleep in here!?”

WE LOVE HOW THE MULTICOLOR APPROACH GIVES A GENDER-NEUTRAL QUALITY HERE. ANY ADVICE FOR OUR READERS IF THEY’D LIKE TO TRY SOMETHING SIMILAR? Thanks! This may not be the best answer, but I just focused on finishes, fabrics and pieces that felt most right to me, and this was the result. I do agree that multi-color palettes, especially ones based in primary colors, have no particular gender-lean. I’m never afraid of color, and my advice to readers is that they shouldn’t be either. Color is imaginative, and you have license to be imaginative in a nursery. Try out color combos you may not have previously considered and see how they make you feel. Make it fun, and personal, and search for inspiration everywhere. You never know when it will strike, or what color it will arrive in.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN ELEMENT THAT YOU PUT IN PLACE HERE? Can I pick two? First, the custom glider. It was a bit of a splurge but so worth it. I spend so much time in that chair and I think my back is in much better shape than it otherwise would be because of the quality of its construction. The plaid fabric is sophisticated enough that I can use it elsewhere in future schemes, but in here it plays nicely against the surrounding asymmetrical patterns. Next is the lighting. Babies love staring at lights, and I am obsessed with this star-shaped flush mount from Circa Lighting. Standing under it has become a go-to calming trick. Also, install a dimmer switch! Honestly this was the smartest decision I made in this room. I can’t express how much good lighting can affect the mood of a baby!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY OF THIS DESIGN PROCESS? My favorite memory of a project is always the client reveal, and for this “client” that moment couldn’t have been more special. I don’t think a designer mom, or any mom for that matter, could experience any moment more gratifying than to bring her new baby into his room for the first time and to see the space she created for him come to life.

WHAT IS ONE THING EVERYONE NEEDS TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN PLANNING THEIR NURSERY? Sh*t happens – literally! Treat your fabrics with stain protector. Seriously though, above all make it comforting and inviting. You want happiness to just wash over you every time you walk into that room. Obviously your baby does that for you! But good design definitely helps. 🙂