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A neon color palette and a minimalist aesthetic don’t exactly go together. We would dare to say they’re an unlikely pairing. But combining the two can be done, quite easily, in fact. All you need is a sneaky—or bold—pop of color, really. Keep reading to discover more tricks to adding some neon to your otherwise neutral, minimal space.

Adding variants of the usual neon hues into your usually neutral bedroom is easy. Hang new abstract or graphic artwork with hints of color and use those same colors in other accents around your room. From the neon stripes on a an otherwise beige blanket to the neon teal-painted block on the side table, this room is basically a guide book in decorating minimally with neon.

Let the neon in your book covers shine while resting on floating shelves. Mix with other neutral decor to keep a neutral feel to the space.

We all know—and love—painting the backs of bookshelves. Imagine the statement a neon shade would make when paired with all black, white, and neutral design elements.

Further proof swapping your artwork is the first step in bringing some neon into your home. Next step: Your light fixture.

Obviously, a neon sign is an easy way to literally add neon to any space. No change in decor necessary.

(Want to know what team domino’s dream neon signs are? That’s what we thought.)

Incorporating color—neon or pastel—into a modern space is almost too easy. Take this kitchen and dining room for example. Colored cabinets, especially in sharp, modular shapes like you see here are trending, so take advantage of it and paint them a daring hue. If that feels like too much, the legs of your angular table will do, too.

We’re big fans of painting your walls two colors, so why not make it neon? (Bonus points for involving your ceiling in the paint project, too.)

Neon statement walls are also approved, no matter the size.

You’ll need floating shelves in your kitchen, of course, to show off your neon-esque cookbook covers. (Pro tip: This pairs well with a soft, pastel drape and all black and white decor, like seen here.)

This crisply-colored bedroom could easily be black, white, and gray—and we would still love it. But isn’t the bold rug, watercolor print, and pretty in pink pillows a bit more fun?

Bring in a subtle, but noticeable, pop of color by painting the inside of any door in your home. It’s not as big as a wall, but it’s more than an accent pillow or painting.

If the thought of adding neon to your space terrifies you, choose a slightly more muted hue and make it your room’s official accent color, like the pops of yellow you see here.

Hanging a single print that uses bright, neon hues is the easiest of easy ways to add a bit of spice to your neutral space. Bonus points for bringing some color into the room with your rug.

Like statement walls, statement chairs are also acceptable (especially when paired with the crispest white interior and other primary, neon, or pastel colors).

Black, white, and a little, teeny, tiny bit of neon-inspired turquoise. A small amount of color goes a long way, particularly when it comes to neon in a neutral space.