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When it came to choosing a location for their wedding, Sara Golden and Emmett Adler didn’t waste any time deliberating. “The Bowery Hotel was really important to us as a couple,” Sara says. “We went there for our first drinks, which turned into our first date. It was the only venue we looked at, and we immediately knew that was it.”

The couple had lived near the iconic New York City hotel in the early days of their courtship and were delighted by the idea of sharing their old East Village stomping ground with their guests. But convincing their Midwest-based families to make the trek out East proved trickier than expected. “They were set on us getting married in Chicago,” Sara explains. Luckily, when both sets of parents were able to visit the space, they immediately became equally enamored with its old-world charm and timeless elegance.

With everyone on board, Sara quickly turned her attention to hiring a star planner. The goal: to create a celebration that would blend the Bowery’s classic architecture—its intricately carved wood–paneled walls and grand fireplaces—with less formal, personalized elements for an intimate, welcoming mood. To carry out her vision, Sara tapped Jove Meyer, a pro known for his relaxed, personal approach and immense attention to detail. Here’s how Meyer brought it all to life.

Get Personal

The bride and groom are devoted dog parents to a Boston terrier named Frankie and couldn’t imagine celebrating their big day without their furry friend involved. Not only did she make a real-life cameo during the ceremony, but her likeness made several appearances elsewhere as well. “We had a specialty cocktail called the Spicy Frankie, and our classic chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting had—of course—a Frankie topper,” notes Sara.

Don’t Shy Away From Drama

“The seated dinner at the Bowery was truly an experience,” says Sara of the reception, which offered a few well-orchestrated surprises. As guests finished their post-ceremony cocktails, a large pair of velvet curtains opened to reveal a hidden room lined with candlelit tables set for dinner. Then, after everyone was seated, a team of servers presented them their dishes in unison. As a soft—but equally dramatic—foil to the dinner’s theatrical presentation, Sara tapped floral designer Doan Ly to create large-scale installations in shades of pink, yellow, and orange: “I told her I wanted it to feel like you were walking into a luxe ’70s hippie secret garden, and she nailed it.”

Tie It All Together

Artist Julia Bez created an entire suite of illustrated stationery—invitations, welcome cards, menus, and more—that reflected the florals, colors, and personal touches. Sara says guests couldn’t stop gushing over the art. The illustrations have become one of the couple’s most cherished takeaways—keepsakes that will look lovely framed and hanging in their home, holding the memory of an enchanted evening long after the flower arrangements had lost their bloom.

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