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Welcome to Wedding Season, a mini-series in which we investigate all things nuptials related with the help of Allix Cott, the head of editorial communications at Carats & Cake, an online platform helping couples find the best vendors across the country. From unconventional wedding trends to social media etiquette, here’s what you need to know before the big day.

Capturing every possible moment on social media is second nature to our generation. From our dog’s Sunday morning antics to vacation selfies, there are few of life’s moments that aren’t captured on the ’gram. With couples becoming more aware of this present (and most likely permanent) trend, enlisting social media etiquette rules at your wedding is primordial to guarantee that your loved ones are all on the same page when it comes to wedding hashtags and nuptial snaps.

Just like your seating chart, altar choice, and reception dinner menu, social media rules are an important part of wedding-day decisions and are personal to each couple. To avoid a wedding album full of phone screens (nothing says “romantic” like a sea of guests trying to capture that “just married” moment), we suggest you refer to this list of expert-approved recommendations to remind you and your guests to disconnect, whether you’re planning a wedding or attending one.

Remind Guests to Stay Present

“The couple has ultimately hired exactly who they wanted to capture their day, so please let them do just that,” suggests Diana Venditto, owner and creative director of Eventi Floral & Events. “Of course, if you’d like a few snapshots during the reception, that’s perfectly fine.” If opting to snap your own photos throughout the day, be sure never to obstruct the professionals, especially during a group photo. Try to stay as present and unplugged as possible throughout each of the day’s events to fully embrace the wedding’s most spectacular moments.

Limit Unnecessary Devices

There’s nothing worse than an album full of wedding photos where everyone’s phone is in the air. I always have greeters at the doorway to remind guests that it’s an unplugged ceremony and that we don’t want cameras out,” says Andrea Eppolito, owner of Andrea Eppolito Events. “We also stage people on the sides of the ceremony, and if we see someone taking out a camera or phone, my team gently motions for them to put it away,” she adds, emphasizing the importance of restricting the use of excessive tech devices.

Photo by June Cochran Photography

Only Preserve Positive Moments

Every wedding has their fair share of tricky moments. “Don’t post a photo or tweet about a rain delay or a server dropping food,” advises Lauren Chitwood, owner of Lauren Chitwood Events. No one wants to remember the not-so-seamless moments of the day. Recommend everyone stays on the same page when it comes to posting photos on social media that only showcase the event’s most positive and picturesque memories.

Be Aware of Premature Posts

If you’re a member of the wedding party, it’s especially tempting to posts pictures of the bride or groom pre-ceremony. “To keep the allure of the dress, style, and overall look of the almost-married pair, try to refrain from posting any social media photos until after the walk down the aisle,” suggest Cassandra Santor, founder of Cassandra & Company. It’s hard not to post photos with the bride or groom if you are getting ready as a bridesmaid or groomsmen, but you never know who could be lurking on social media before the anticipated walk down the aisle. Keep the magic alive and refrain from posting any photos until the ceremony is complete.

Integrate a Wedding Hashtag

Let your guests know to use your Instagram hashtag or Snapchat filter, so there is one place where you get to see all of their photos and relive all those happy memories,” says Morgan Childs, founder and creative director of Moana Events. Create a decorative sign or add your hashtag to your ceremony programs to make sure everyone has had a chance to contribute their best day-of photos.

Avoid Redundant Photos

As a guest, be mindful of asking the married pair to take photos throughout the night. Virginia Edelson, principal of Bluebird Productions, says when it comes to wedding-day photos, “The couple have likely already posed and been asked to smile dozens of time throughout the day and may want a break to enjoy,” Pictures serve as great memories, but timing is key. Snagging a photo with the newly married spouses is great, but keep in mind their day-of schedule when planning out a time to ask.

Photo by Caroline Logan

Consider Day-Of Details

Subtle, or not-so-subtle, details that incorporate your wedding hashtag can integrate some whimsy into your design. “As planners, we have to adapt and plan accordingly to our clients’ view on social media,” says Leslie Mastin, owner of Leslie Mastin Events. “We have planned many weddings and incorporated hashtags on programs, photobooths, straws, and even on napkins,” Mastin adds. Keep in mind your design aesthetic and specific wedding style when looking for ways to include social media into your wedding-day details.

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