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People have been decorating with nude motifs since before the end of antiquity. Granted, the naked figurines on ancient Greek pottery were probably less of a shock at the time given their commonality, but the fact remains that we’ve been obsessed with decorating with the human form for eons. Lately, there’s been a resurgence of the style in every possible manner, and one fact seems incontrovertible: Boob-laden decor is back and it’s trending.

The female form is represented on pillows, bath mats, mugs… it’s everywhere, and while you may think this is strictly a lighthearted trend (which, it must be said, it is), it’s interesting to take a step back and theorize the unapologetic newfound favor of the female form.

The overarching theme is one of female empowerment. The last few years have seen a new, unabashed, and highly overdue celebration of women, and much of the dialogue surrounding that has focused on body positivity. Designers adorning their decor with breasts in every shape, size, and color feels like a small way to support this movement. And while body positivity is in no way a “trend,” there’s no doubt that it’s a current topic.


This sentiment is at the core of the bespoke creations by Emma Low, a Leeds-based artist whose work you may have seen on her Instagram, @potyertitsawayluv. Aside from having quite possibly the best username on the Internet, her work is unique because her pieces are: Customers snap a photo of themselves (it’s in the name of art, really) and send it to Low to create a tiny ceramic that perfectly resembles them down to the last freckle. In her own words, she’s “on a mission to produce personalized pots to celebrate real bodies and support body neutrality.” Hear! Hear!

Social significance aside, this trend is fun. We’re seeing a ton of irreverent, less-serious trends in design: Abstract faces, tableware littered with bug motifs, and oddly futuristic sci-fi light fixtures are among the latest styles we can’t get enough of. They’re proof that, more and more, people are embracing the personal. Your home doesn’t have to look like a museum full of stodgy decor and beige; it can have a sense of humor.  

If you’d like to add a bit of cheeky style to your own home—whether you’re willing to go bold or would like your celebration of the female form to be more discreet—we have some ideas below.

Boob Bathmat, Cold Picnic ($60)

You’ve likely seen this Cold Picnic blanket everywhere, and that’s because it’s so good. Bring some character to your bathroom floors with this simple yet statement-making textile.


Boob Hook, Thing Industries ($38)

To be hung up in your entryway as a litmus test for whether or not your guests have a sense of humor.

society6 art print
Boobs Art Print, Society6 ($23)

This artwork would look great as part of a larger gallery wall.

Jugs Jug Blanc, Anissa Kermiche ($350)

The perfectly titled “jugs jug” is an Instagram darling created by French-girl favorite Anissa Kermiche. It’s a fun alternative to regular vases.

Boobs Shower Curtain, Urban Outfitters ($89)

Support female artists while tapping into the boob trend: This curtain features an illustration by Natalie Catalina and was created by artisan collective Deny Designs.


Nude Boob Pot, Group Partner ($40)

If you don’t want to order a custom pot, get one premade. Brooklyn-based studio Group Partner has a cute little terra-cotta option in three shades.

Mini Print No. 2, NG Collective ($250)

A limited-edition print is worth the splurge, especially when it comes from artist Kristen Giorgi of NG Collective.

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