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Lions, tigers, and bears—oh my, is it just us or are rugs getting a bit wild these days? The animal-print trend has been going long and strong, and now the company behind the most viral rug of all (yes, we are talking about that boob rug that you can find in nearly every Brooklyn apartment) has presented its own take on it. Cold Picnic’s new line of rugs, released earlier this month, makes animal-themed textiles feel even fresher.

Just like its graphic, landscape-inspired rugs, Cold Picnic’s collection pairs muted pastels with a bit of abstraction. These animals aren’t by any means rendered realistically. Rather, the small menagerie (two cheetahs, a zebra, a cow, and a crocodile) verge on looking a tad experimental. Read: They don’t have faces.

In fact, Cold Picnic’s signature abstract style might just be what gives these rugs an even broader appeal. If you’ve been hesitant to introduce a full-on cheetah print to your interior, why not embrace a version that comes in an unexpected color palette of light yellow, teal, and lavender? Or maybe you don’t want to add something that looks a little too similar to an old-fashioned animal pelt to your floor. A cheeky cow might be more your style. Working with a small, narrow space? Consider the power that a skinny little crocodile can have.

If one thing is clear, it’s that this wild trend shows no sign of slowing down. You might as well bring a bit of the zoo (or the farm, perhaps) home.

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