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You’ve seen it on your Instagram feed. No matter who you follow, the trend is inescapable: Blue and orange have become the color combination du jour. Whether found in a beach shot of sand-meets-sea or the image of a terra-cotta landscape against a blue sky, this complementary pairing always satisfies (after all, the hues are opposites on the color wheel). That’s precisely why, more and more, it’s finding its place in the home.

Whether you opt for a rich cobalt blue or jewel-toned teal piece, a punch of orange (in any range, from pale peach to persimmon) renders it even more eye-catching. Have a navy sofa that feels a bit tired? Toss on some rust-colored throw pillows. The same effect holds true for enlivening more placid, orange-toned homes. Have a room defined by soft pinks and corals? Add some Yves Klein blue chairs and you’ve got one stand-out interior.

With a wide breadth of possibility, this color combination can lean toward maximalist and bohemian or simply cool and contemporary. Richer, more pigmented tones will have a high-impact effect, while toned-down pastels can appeal to those with more muted tastes. Anywhere on the spectrum, however, you can find the perfectly mixed match. Shop our favorite pairings below.

The Ceramic Spectrum

Klein blue and terra-cotta equally elevate B Zippy’s brutalist sculptures. These pieces work well with or without plants, but we recommend filling them with some extra-lush greenery for a springtime appeal.

The Garden Delight

Muted, shabby-chic planters easily lend charm to an outdoor seating area. Cluster them together to create a breezy centerpiece.

The Holy Grail

Color & Paint photo
Tortoise Tumblr, Workaday Handmade ($40)

A sleek stripe of matte royal blue complements the tortoise body of Workaday Handmade’s tumbler. Who says your everyday water glass can’t be this fancy?

The Breakfast Club

Vivid blue bowls and warm orange plates are what spring and summer tablescape dreams are made of. You might just find yourself inspired to invite your friends over for brunch.

The Hygge Set

Nothing says “cozy” quite like a jewel-toned combination featuring a throw blanket and a pillow. These rich finds are the refresh your gray sofa’s been needing.

The Simple Touch

Color & Paint photo
Hillside Lumbar Pillow Tide, Minna ($175)

Not everything needs to be super-saturated. Navy and ultra-pale peach make a soothing pair in this knit wool throw pillow.

The Tall and Squat

These large glass vases have a bohemian feel, thanks to their more muted color schemes. Consider filling them with a few tall stalks of pampas grass to finish off the look.

The Dainty Dinnerware

For a subtler take on this pairing, consider an all-pastel option. Periwinkle and peach pair perfectly when you mix and match Christina Kosinski’s ceramics.

The Rust-Toned Rug

Color & Paint photo
Arabian Nights, Cold Picnic ($90)

Cold Picnic’s desert-inspired rug looks equally compelling on the floor or on the wall. Just a peek of dark teal creates a visual oasis.

The Breezy Buys

When you need just a little something extra in the spring or summer, cotton and linen are the way to go. Teal and coral feel just a little bit tropical when combined to create a comfy sofa sitch.

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