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Though many design experts suggest there is an art to decorating and certain rules and conventions should be upheld, we take a different approach. Your home is an expression of your personal style—it’s unique and layered, and every item you choose to surround yourself with should spark a little bit of joy. That’s exactly the sentiment at the heart of one of our favorite cheeky micro-trends of the moment: faces on decor. It’s these sort of decorative accoutrements that instill our homes with a lighthearted, unique touch elevated with personal charm and character.

From Cold Picnic’s boob-themed bath mats to Gucci’s home decor eye-mania, the human form has been a prominent motif in the recent crop of design collections. As a major source of inspiration, it has been depicted in myriad ways—both literally and abstract—most lately in the form of a face.

In the spirit of infusing our interiors with a cheeky touch (because, why not?), we set out to uncover the pieces that take on the trend with a design-forward spin. Read on for the best face-inspired decor finds we can’t wait to bring home.

Courtesy of Areaware

Mirror Mask, Chen Chen and Kai Williams, $64.

Mirrors are always meant to be a decorative accent for the walls, and when a plain one just won’t do, sub these in instead.  

Courtesy of LRNCE

Large Visage Vase 3, LRNCE, $281

LRNCE’s Picasso-esque interpretation of the concept combines a saturated array of warm tones with captivating patterns and a splash of personality.

Courtesy of Octaevo

Apollo Coasters, Octaevo, $21

File these two-tone coasters under entertaining essentials so chic that you might be hard-pressed to use them at all.

Courtesy of Coming Soon

“Adam, Rory, and Manuel” Ceramic Pots, Group Partner, $65

Who said planters had to be plain and boring? This handpainted planter pot has all the personality you’d need.

Courtesy of HAY

Mood Mask, HAY, $25

This papier-mache mask isn’t your ordinary wall accent, but we guarantee that it’s the statement-worthy one you deserve.

Courtesy of Wallpaper

Caran d’Ache 849, Vitra, $46

It’s time to bring back the pencil box. Clad with an intricate splash of pattern, the pen in the set comes with an equally colorful encasing to match.

Courtesy of Fornasetti

Flora Scented Candle, Fornasetti Profumi, $464

Fornasetti’s iconic candles come with an array of whimsical illustrations, but the Flora motif is arguably one of the best in the line.

Courtesy of Aelfie

Henry Flat-Weave Rug, Aelfie, $89

A minimalist take for the color-averse that still promises an impactful finish.

Courtesy of Octaevo

Janus Notes, Octaevo, $17

With its gold fore–edging and a complementary blue-and-gold illustration on front, this sleek notebook is pure perfection.

Courtesy of Vitra

Metal Wall Relief Sun by Alexander Girard, Vitra, $995

Now this is a statement piece. Crafted from brass, this oversize accent piece is earmarked to be the focal point your living room was missing.