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Calling all rebel girls: This weekend’s all-female (that’s right, ladies only) The Other Festival is redefining what it means to be a successful woman in the millennial age.

Now in its second installment, The Other Festival is bringing together an inspiring roundup of female creators, innovators, storytellers, and founders to celebrate extraordinary women in entrepreneurship, business, and life. Held in partnership with GLAM4GOOD, the extended two-day event features a combination of powerful music, noteworthy speakers, demos, and workshops—as well as the unique opportunity for women to network, share information, and build new relationships with each other.

Founder Dee Poku is a social entrepreneur and former Hollywood executive, as well as the founder and CEO of WIE, an influential women’s leadership network. She says she started the unique event in response to millennial women who wanted to get involved in business, but faced certain challenges.

Her genius idea to help women help each other came after she attended a major music festival. She was dumbfounded by a female-dominated audience celebrating mostly male performers. The Other Festival marries the two concepts with a networking event, topped off by a fierce female music lineup at the end of each day.

While sparking intellectual conversations alongside some of the most girl crush-worthy gals in the business, participants can also take part in daily meditation, attend talks, and even shop from a curated collection of revolutionary brands.

“It’s an even better version than last year,” Poku told Domino. “We really listened to what people wanted, and honed in on the programming. It’s all about how you brand, market, and position yourself.”

Speakers gather from around the country to educate and empower an audience of like-minded doers, and this weekend’s event features women like Stacey London from TLC’s What Not to Wear, actress Michelle Monaghan, and founder of Rent the Runway Jennifer Hyman, just to name a select few. The full lineup highlights tons of renegade businesswomen—including artists, musicians, chefs, bloggers, entrepreneurs, activists, and designers—each with a unique perspective on how to take on the world and come out on top.

While the festival offers everything from master classes on building your personal brand to crafting more than just clickbait content, Poku told Domino about a particularly unique talk called “Pink Sky Ideas: Designing your brand’s why,” which will delve into deeper concepts about brand identity and mission.

And as for Poku’s advice to women who want to be badass in business? “Put the shyness aside and ask for what you want,” she says. “Whatever industry you are in, you have to learn to ask. It’s like a muscle that needs training—over time, it becomes more normal.”

The Other Festival takes place on October 14 and October 15 at City Point in downtown Brooklyn, and ticket prices range from $65 to $450.

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