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Wallpaper is still having a moment: All we want to do is cover our walls with the wildest colors and patterns imaginable—a definite change from the minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired styles we’ve seen so much of as of late. But with that, we’ve also started allowing our floors to breathe a little, and letting their material-make take center-stage.

Whether you want to showcase a solid wood floor or just want to take minimalism to the extreme, there’s a way to let your floors shine, sans a rug.

Don’t believe us? These following homes are proof that it’s time to embrace bare floors.


In this stylish international home, Norwegian and U.S. styles blend together for a fresh take on simplicity—and this dining room is no exception. The teak dining table and chairs serve as an extension of the flooring, therefore texture is added by way of a fringed, colorful mirror and boho plants. A modern light fixture pulls the eye up.

Wood flooring is the epitome of zen, so consider bare floors in your bedroom for the ultimate relaxation hub. The bed is made of wood as well (albeit in a different shade), which allows for a sense of material continuity. In this case, less really is more.

If you think you simply can’t have a cozy living room without a rug, you need to see this San Diego home. A textured ottoman, pale colors, a multitude of throw pillows, and several greens make this room a place you can’t wait to spend all day in—with or without a rug.

This calm little nook is characterized by nautical themes that scream summer. A rustic wood table is balanced by a trendy checkered upholstery, and the reading area in the corner uses pinks and blues to balance the space. No rug, no problem—there’s more than enough color in this spot already.


Here is definitive proof that paint really has the power to transform a home, the study in this home uses moody hues to the extreme. But what we’re really crushing on is the bedroom: The two-toned grey and white wall balances all the wood in the space, and makes sure the floors don’t look too bare.

Do you even need anything on the floor when the walls are so vibrantly decked? The designer of this Los Angeles home didn’t seem to think so, and neither do we. The

gallery wall

provides so much personality, and the built-in bookshelf is a genius way to store various items and art. Leaving the floors bare was definitely a smart and intentional choice.

The moody marble island steals the show in this unique Brooklyn home, with a black and white look lending a mod feel. Black lights and chic white cabinetry give the home a touch of glam without needing too many accessories, such as an area rug, or much else, really.


This New Orleans home is a bit of a mixed bag—while the interior uses textiles to make a statement, the exterior seating area is all tile. Hence why there’s no reason to cover the beautiful blue geometric flooring with a rug. Pillows and poufs in wild patterns help bridge the gap between the inside and the outside.

A simple white backdrop works as the ideal jumping off point for the minimalist design in this Shanghai abode. A combination of white and wood is the perfect mix of modern and rustic, and the subtle blue bedding adds just enough color to prevent the space from looking too monotone. The bare floors complement perfectly.

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