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A home’s living room serves so many purposes, from being an entertaining hub to a relaxing oasis after a long day—so naturally, it should be full of personality. Now, whether that’s minimalist chic or Scandi-inspired calm, we don’t judge. In fact, our favorite living rooms of the year encompass all styles, from bright wallpaper and girly millennial pink to eclectic and whimsical—and we found something to inspire us in each and every one of them.

Ahead, check out our favorite living rooms of the year, and maybe find a new design style you can take with you into 2018.

Usually when people are faced with high ceilings, they use large, big furniture to take up more space—but that’s not the case in this San Francisco home. Instead, the homeowners chose to play up that aspect with a low sofa, sleek white walls, and a towering, glamorous light fixture. Loose, casual, and a perfect mix of modern and classic, this living room proves you can play with moods and still have some fun.

This has got to be the prettiest sectional that we ever did see. We usually don’t witness such bright furniture, but when we do, it steals the show—and the size of this one adds to its giant appeal. The textiles in the room all also have pops of red to complement that fun area, and it seems the perfect spot for entertaining—not only will it fit everybody you’d like to invite, the brightness gives it a jolt of energy that’s sure to get the party started.

Mixing prints and textures is an art—and one co-founder of Kip & Co., Hayley Pannekoecke, has most definitely mastered. We’re loving the shades of brown to tie the living room together and give it a homely vibe, while the tribal art, woven textures, and multitude of plants add pops of color. And just look at all those wooden accents giving the room a touch of sophistication.

If wallpaper isn’t your thing, take inspiration from this painted wall. The turquoise hue serves as the perfect backdrop for more subtle textures, and the natural materials—think rattan, grass, linens, cotton, and wood—give the home a whimsical feel. In other words? You don’t have to be loud to be interesting.

You already know we’re suckers for Scandinavian design, and this muted living room is minimalist perfection. The long sofa is the epitome of functional chic, and the lack of accents really allows the sleek design elements to shine through. The modern lighting gives the room just enough pizzazz, while the colorful bookshelf and low coffee table scream subtle sophistication.

We admit it: We’re fully obsessed with wild wallpaper, and this Palm Springs-inspired one hits all the right notes. Breezy and boho with wild textures, crazy plants, hanging greenery, and of course, that leaf-printed wallpaper, we really feel like we’re in the middle of a wild jungle. The neutral furniture lets the plants take full attention, allowing the eclectic vibes to take over.

While we think one-tone homes have a place in home decor, there’s something to be said of the most popular shade of the year: millennial pink. Using cheeky accents like lip-embossed pillows, eclectic art, and a coffee table overflowing with colorful books, this living room balances out the quirky with a

neutral sofa

and throws—but the glam side tables and multitude of crystals prove that in this case, more is definitely the way to go.

This living room is seriously our ultimate winter oasis—textured walls, soft colors, wooden accents, and cozy throws make this dreamy paradise an idyllic getaway for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. Proving that neutrals are anything but boring, this home plays with several shades of the same family to pull a cohesive look together.


The comfy sofa in this ranch-style home makes it the perfect spot for lazing about, and the squishy touch continues onto the very original ottoman as a coffee table. Some delicate textures, such as a cozy shrug, some patterned throws, and a monochromatic carpet continue that relaxing feel, while the fun tile and soothing fireplace make us want to stay there and never leave.

Vintage finds dominate this living room, with the patterns and shapes echoing trends long gone. But they still find a new life in this home, thanks to its mirrored wall and soft carpeting. Those few modern elements fit in with the old and prevent them from looking too out there, but they also serve an additional function—making sure the wild patterns are still the center of attention.

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