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Why We’re Launching Our Very First Domino Kids Issue

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When we began working on the very first Domino Kids issue this past spring, we didn’t realize our mantra “If Kids Ruled the House” would be more than a fun way of describing our reason for making the magazine, but rather pretty much how 2020 would unfold. The parents on our team (with five kids between us ranging in age from 2 to 10), scrambled along with the rest of the world to set up our homes in this new normal and learned to get really creative with how we use every corner and surface. 

We also looked to our friends in the design community for advice and inspiration on how to create spaces with personality that keep some sense of order, nurture imagination and play—and tame the toy deluge (and, um, the emotions). The families featured in the issue—each with a unique perspective on how they define their little unit—show the pure joy that comes with shaping a home for everyone, where a gallery wall spotlights a very cool Lego work in progress, a giant world map is a connection to faraway loved ones, and a vinyl record collection gets put into rotation by all ages.

At Domino we believe change starts at home. Cover star, mom of two, entrepreneur, and newly minted talk-show host Drew Barrymore and 12-year-old crochet wiz Jonah Larson celebrate that idea in their own lives and in their candid conversation in the issue. “We’re here to help others and make them stronger,” says Jonah of what might be our shared purpose on this pale blue planet we call earth. 

We’re so excited to share an excerpt from the exclusive story and more ideas from the issue, starting today! To reserve your own copy, head here.

Wishing you a household full of warmth, peace, and cozy forts this fall. 


Alex Redgrave, Editorial Director of Domino Kids (mom to Misha Moon) Jessica Romm Perez, Editor in Chief (mom to Emilia, Nico, and Theo) Kate Berry, Executive Creative Director (mom to Quinn)

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Alex Redgrave


Alex Redgrave is an award-winning editor and writer. Previously. she was Executive Editor at Domino and Saveur, where she guided editorial strategy. She currently lives in Nova Scotia.