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Every city has a unique identity. New York is known for its eclectism; Los Angeles for its laid-back vibe; Miami for its vibrant, pattern-filled streets. If you’re a local, you know these iconic features like the back of your hand, and they end up trickling down to the way you–and your neighbors—collectively decorate your homes. (Did you know New Yorkers adore mirrors and the whole East Coast has a thing for aloe?)

We’re always curious about how trends differ across the country, so we decided to put you to the test. On Instagram, we polled our readers in different metro areas to get the scoop on your favorite hues for the living room. The results were enlightening, to say the least.

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New York Is Going Gray

Photography by Heidi’s Bridge

Leave it to New Yorkers to position griege as a highly desirable hue. Perhaps all those skyscrapers have gone to their heads. It’s true, though, that it’s an elevated alternative to white walls—and a timeless one at that. Allow the walls of our dreamy Hamptons Shop House, revamped with the help of Paintzen, to stand in as proof. 

Try: Silent Smoke

Chicago Is Into Navy

Photography by Josh Thornton Design by Summer Thornton

Our Windy City fans aren’t afraid to make a statement. Deep blue walls are all the rage and we couldn’t be more on board. Bonus for pairing the color with lustrous brass accents and vividly patterned textiles to channel a noveau modern feel.

Try: Singing the Blues

L.A. Champions Pink

Photography by Echo and Earl

Here’s one we didn’t see coming. Allow Sarah Sherman Samuels’s former desert A-frame to serve as the ultimate lesson in mastering Los Angeles readers’ number-one choice: a subtle blush.

Try: Lauren’s Lace

Dallas Sticks by Blue

MEREDITH ELLIS DESIGN Photography by Read Mckendree

Light blues rule in Dallas, where locals see the versatile shade as ripe for just about any decorative opportunity. We like pairing it with complementary greens, as in this artful living room

Try: Dartmoor Mist

Seattle Surprises With Dusty Rose

Photography by Aaron Leitz

Think of this shade as the cooler, older sister of millennial pink. Our Seattle readers are all for going outside the norm with a sophisticated hue that can temper the formality of ornate architectural details and modernize a dated space. 

Try: Ashes of Roses

San Francisco Is Fond of White

Photography by Nicole Franzen

It makes sense: All-white everything is a classic Cali color scheme. But typically it isn’t the most exciting—unless you use this trick: texture, texture, and then some more texture. 

Try: Delicate White

Portland, Oregon, Goes (Mint) Green

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

Yet another Pacific Northwest city taking charge with a shade that channels the myriad national forests that frame it. Keep the pastel hue from feeling too sugary with pops of canary yellow. 

Try: Limelight

Pittsburgh Likes Forest Green

Photography by Reid Rolls

This Northeastern city clearly admires a heavy-handed splash of color—our readers there have an obsession with this rich, woodsy hue. Not ready to use it floor-to-ceiling just yet? Take note of this charming spot, which features a two-tone finish.

Try: Nigh Watch

Houston Takes Charge With Black

Photography by Michael Hunter

Daring? Yes. Worth it? Totally. An inky accent wall can actually add more depth to your space. Just make sure there’s good lighting to keep it from reading dreary, and contrast the walls with plenty of bright, colorful accent pieces. 

Try: Black Magic

Boston Loves Cream

Courtesy of Koo De Kir Architecture

Puns aside, Beantown is all about the soft neutrals—a beige to be exact. Unimpressive in theory, when thoughtfully layered with similar warm hues, it screams luxurious.

Try: Botany Beige

Washington, D.C., Gets Behind Coral

Photography by Angie Seckinger and Kelley Proxmire

Part city slicker, part Southern belle, D.C.’s go-to living room paint color is the best of both worlds. Take a cue from this bright family room and ground the walls with key decorative accent items or a large furniture piece in the same shade. 

Try: Wet Coral