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The Ten Commandments say “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods,” but the Ten Commandments clearly never foresaw anyone standing in line at Anthropologie, looking over at their neighbor’s cool ceramic bowls, and immediately experiencing shopping cart envy.

And while the science behind geography influencing people’s consumer habits is a little iffy, we’ve seen proof of neighbors thinking similarly when it comes to design before—just look at this year’s findings for the most popular design styles by state. People seem to overwhelmingly favor the same aesthetic as those around them… so we guess a report detailing the single most popular decor piece in each state shouldn’t be that surprising, either.

This report, conducted by the team at Next Day Blinds, looked at Google shopping data to determine which pieces were the most-searched across the nation. And while the items seemed to vary significantly, there were a few products that appear to be perennial favorites.

Leading the charts with five states in their favor are trays, which we already know and love as uber useful decorative storage solutions. If this finding is surprising to you, consider the many benefits of the humble tray: Part catch-all, part tabletop accent, part serving utensil, it’s an item every room should have.

Following trays, the next two most-searched items overall (with four states each) are mirrors and wall decor. Beloved by states like Arizona, Idaho, and New York, this is a category that’s beloved by all parts of the country. And also, apparently, a category that’s beloved in and of itself: The next two items, with three states each, are wall art and wallpaper. It seems that a fixation with updating boring old walls is a passion afflicting the entire country.

And as for some of the more random decor items coveted by various states? Wyoming evidently has a thing for lanterns. Alaska can’t stop thinking about ways to update the hearth—which, if you aren’t a character in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book, is really just a fancy way to say fireplace decor. And Texas is super into figurines. Someone has to be, we guess.

Do you agree with the findings from your state? Let us know in the comments.

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