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While we’re always keeping up with the latest trends in paint and design, there’s something especially cool about giving your walls more than just the standard coat of paint. Aside from paint finishes, there are lots of ways you can add intentional texture and vibrant color to your walls, sans the hassle of wallpaper installation. From rich ombres to bright shapes and more, the examples ahead walls almost works of art. So pick up your paint brush, get creative, and try out some of these eye-catching paint techniques.

Colorful Ombre

Now that we’ve proven that rainbow decor is acceptable for adults, too, add a whimsical touch to a bedroom by decking it in a bright, multicolored ombre. This version used an array of paints to create the striking rainbow effect. The best part? Although the final result looks super involved, this is definitely one you can DIY.

Find out how on Studio DIY.

Painter’s Tape

Proof that painter’s tape can be for more than perfecting paint edges, designer Jenny Komenda experimented with clean lines to create this funky, abstract pattern in muted neutrals. The key here is to make sure to press down on the edges of the tape before you paint. And if you really want a pop, continue the pattern all the way to the ceiling.

See how it’s done on The Little Green Notebook.

Stamp Tool

Though it may look like wallpaper, the creatives behind A Beautiful Mess created this personality-filled statement wall by hand—using stamps crafted from craft foam to form the clementine shape. It’s all about customization with this one, so imperfections in pattern are encouraged.

Tonal Painting

Even though the textured look of this surfer-chic California home comes by way of the wallpaper, a similar look can be achieved with some big brush strokes and paint blending. Using a combination of a dry brush technique with a bit of ombre provides a dynamic tonal finish. Consider using Benjamin Moore’s Key Largo green and Deep Sea green to get a similarly beachy finish.

Art Installation

Turn your blank wall into an impressive art installation simply by mapping out some colorful shapes that double as a shelving displays for your favorite trinkets. Justina Blakeney created this brilliant boho chic scene by painting simple shapes on her living room wall and then adding shelves to match. You can do these by hand for a more organic shape, or use painter’s tape.

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