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Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, These Are The Fairest Of Them All

The prettiest mirrors to get ready in front of.

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Given how much we stare at ourselves throughout the day (oh, that’s just us?), it’s worth getting a mirror that not only reflects crisply and clearly back to you, but also has a fun, interesting design. Be it an LED light-up version, a decorative hand-held option, or even a sculptural decor piece, these are the mirrors that’ll make you feel like the fairest of all.


Illuminated mirrors can be a double-edge sword. Pro: The lights let you see everything on your face. Con: The lights let you see everything on your face. These options are bright, but a bit more subdued, so you don’t stare at every pore on your face for hours.

For Less:

Kaitum Mirror, Ikea, $19.99

These lights are bright, but not too bright, making it a great option for precisely applying makeup, but not so bright that you fall into the vortex of pore-staring for hours. The lights last approximately 20,000 hours, too (so much 1:1 mirror time).

For More: 

iHome Vanity Mirror Speaker, Urban Outfitters, $100

This one has lights, of course, but they’re full-spectrum color lighting, as well as dim-able. And if that wasn’t enough, you can connect your home to it so it can play music, charge your device, and act as a hands-free speaker phone. It can also connect with Google Now, so you can ask it questions like, ‘What’s the weather like today?’and do your makeup accordingly.

For the Most:

Marra Mirror, MoMA Design Store, $350

This laser-engraved 3D acrylic framed mirror option is pretty much made for recreating the “mirror, mirror” moment from Snow White.


Take your mirror on the go with a hand-held option. You’d be surprised how often you’ll actually use it once you have one in your life. Take a closer than close look at your winged-tip eyeliner, checking out the back of your hair, etc. And with these baller options, you’ll look for any reason to pick it up.

For Less

Heart Hand Mirror

, Urban Outfitters, $12

This cheeky heart option is $12 and charming AF. Admire yourself to your heart’s content with this beauty.

For More

Allegra Hand Mirror

, Anthropologie, $28

Make a daily chore like getting ready feel that much more glam with this gorgeous, minimalist hand mirror. I’d redesign an entire room around this subtle piece. And at $28 it’s a snag, because it looks like a million bucks.

For the Most

Muuto Mimic Mirror

, Finnish Design Shop, $141

Looking like a straight up piece of art, this mirror stands up entirely on its own, but can be picked up at the base. As usual with Muuto, every aspect of the design is thought out and meant for ease of the user, from its useful yet gorgeous design to the easy-to-wipe off material.

Work of Art

Sure, you can have just a mirror on your wall. Or you could have a mirror that doubles as a piece of art.

For Less

Chen and Kai Mirror Masks

, Coming Soon New York, $80

Let your mirror reflect your mood, thanks to mirrors that are described as yes (happy), maybe (frightened?) and no (frowny face). Subtle enough for every room, but always a conversation starter with anyone who sees it.

For More

Brass Orbit Wall Mirror

, West Elm, $299

West Elm describes this piece as “celestial-inspired” but we’d title it as “mine/give me!” The antique brass frame is meant to look as if it’s floating, which adds movement and gives any room a serious point of interest.

For the Most

Bower Ring Mirror, Coming Soon New York, $1,710

Saved the boldest, biggest (and yeah, most expensive) for last—this optical illusion mirror does many things: It’s a bold piece of art, a mirror (of course), and enlarges your space by reflecting light around the room. This piece is a total showstopper.

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