Published on August 21, 2018

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Photography by Balarama Heller
It’s safe to say that more often than not, we view mirrors through a purely functional lens—one that puts little emphasis on aesthetics in favor of the piece’s utilitarian inclination. And while we’re all for maintaining function over form (where appropriate) we can’t deny the allure of the embracing the latter. After all, for those who spend the time and effort in curating a well-designed home, why hold back?
Enter the new wave of mirrors that are here to challenge all preconceived notions of what one should look like. Bold, colorful, and bordering on the avant-garde, the pieces ahead bear an artistic quality that will have you second-guessing its actual purpose. Read on to see the art-like mirrors we’re currently obsessing over.
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Photography by Balarama Heller
Athena Mirror, Concrete Cat, $750
While this option may be more in line with what a mirror should look like, its concrete frame is what sets it apart from the rest. The mirror’s Brutalistesque composition is elegantly offset by its tonal features: a delicate pairing of blush and rose.
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Courtesy of Kinder Modern
Lip Mirror, Kinder Modern, $150
Consider this a relatively-affordable way to sneak a little Pop Art into your space—along with a major burst of color and a touch of personality. Available in three vibrant colorways, this mirror will have everyone doing a double-take.
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Courtesy of Trueing
#3000 Mirror, Trueing, $2,080
Who doesn’t love a good terrazzo detail? We’re still swooning over the material of the moment and this piece is exactly what our lives were missing. Crafted to emulate the iconic flooring of Milanese lobbies and Venetian palazzos, the mirror’s composition is nothing short of inspired.
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Courtesy of
Round Square Mirror, Clara Von Zweigbergk, $74.57
We’re loving the playful display of colors and the geometrically-inspired composition of this modern piece. Hang it above an entry console to invite a major dose of character to an otherwise drab space.
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Courtesy of The Future Perfect
Meret Composition 2, Ben & Aja Blanc, $3,800
Texture and surface are just two of the integral design elements that comprise this abstract mirror. Surely more sculptural than functional, we’d give up all the mirror selfies just to have this captivating option hanging in our home. The detailed piece features antique gold, brass elements, and even a hint of white oak wood.
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Courtesy of Areaware
Mirror Mask, Chen Chen and Kai Williams, $64
Bring in a cheeky touch to the bedroom with these playful picks. While each of these painted mirrors is sold separately, we love the idea of tripling up and displaying each “mood” in a line, as pictured.
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Lightning Mirror, Kinder Modern, $275
Leave it to Kinder Modern to serve us up with just about the *coolest* mirrors out right now. Designed in Australia, the contemporary piece marries color and form with effortless ease, ensuring that your space will come alive with a revitalizing pop—regardless of where you hang it.
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Courtesy of Another Human
Just Can’t Valet, Another Human
File this one under the most clever contraption. Ever. Seriously, it’s an entryway in a nutshell and we can’t think of anything better. Featuring a keyholder, catch-all, and mirror, all in one, this “valet” comes with all the little nooks and crannies necessary for keeping your space clutter-free.
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Eliza Mirror, Anthropologie, $498
Inspired shape aside, it’s the piece’s copper finish that sets it apart from the rest. We can see this one living above the fireplace mantel or above the bed, bringing with it the intention to visually-broaden the space it embodies with a style-focused element.
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Courtesy of Seletti
Lipstick Mirror, Seletti Wears Toiletpaper Mirror
We love Seletti for their quirky and avant-garde take on the ordinary, and this mirror is no exception. Prop this one on the vanity and allow it to fill your space with a bold dose of color and a composition that definitely earmarks it as an art piece.
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Courtesy of LRNCE

Rattan Wood Mirror, LRNCE, $315.48

Say what you will but we’re not ready to give up on rattan just yet. Especially when a mirror as intricate and alluring as this comes into question. Consider it the dream accent piece for the modern Bohemian—this structural mirror embodies effortless cool at its finest.

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Courtesy of Wallpaper
‘Dioniso 5’ Mirror, Glas Italia, $2.670
Vibrant color blocks, a geometrically-charged shape, and a mirror that actually upholds its intended purpose—this piece has all the markings of form-meets-function.