10 Ways Lighting Can Double as Art

Form and function are at the core of every one of these stunning finds.
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As far as lighting goes, we tend to think of the household essential from a functionality standpoint. But let us attest to the fact that this underrated piece has the potential of being more than just a source of light or the forgotten detail that’s often sandwiched between the sofa and a wall. It can, in its own right, double as a decorative accent and even, the focal point of a room.

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when the ceiling-mounted fixtures are concerned but, finding a floor or table piece that goes above and beyond the ordinary is easier said than done. Luckily, we’re here to do all the digging for you, wading through an array of alternatives that can make a statement in their own right. Ahead, the lighting picks that can just as easily double as sculptural elements, proving that form and function can coexist.

C Floor Lamp, Bower, $3,450

Bower’s knack for transforming the standard into the extraordinary is one that never ceases to amaze us— and this rendition of a traditional floor lamp is no exception. Available in four refined metal finishes, the free-standing light boasts two satin-blown glass globes, resulting in a product that is a far cry from the utilitarian.

It’s all about maximalism with this one, thanks to the subtle mix of prints and patterns that clad the light’s delicate porcelain build. The inspired pairing of colors earmarks this table lamp as an artful accent piece in its own right. 

Serpentine Heart Song Lamp, Carly Jo Morgan, $3,100

Handcrafted from ceramic and terrazzo, Carly Jo Morgan’s Serpentine lamp provides an abstract and edgy interpretation of the materials of the moment. Inspired by mythology and the serpent’s symbolism of infinite rebirth, the light stands in as an ode to the reptile.

Ariel Table Lamp, Anthropologie, $148
Comprised of brass, marble, and a sleek glass shade, this modern table lamp is serving up a major dose of style. While it will look ultra chic on a nightstand, we can definitely see this one intermixed within a bookshelf or at the end of a low-standing media console. 
Radiant Lamp, MoMA, $175
Comprised of two discs, this statement piece is instantly elevated by the presence of the iridescent acrylic layer. The ambient light is ideal for the nightstand or as a decorative accent for the entry console. 
Linea Pink, Seletti, $125
If simplicity is more in line with your aesthetic of choice, look no further. Designed by Selab and Alessandro Zambelli, this streamlined piece sits on a chic wooden base and emits a bold neon light that is nothing if not statement-worthy. 

e15 Led Floor Lamp, ABC Home, $3,147

If you ask us, this just might be the quintessence of an artful accent. Seriously, does it get any more chic? The refined piece combines form and function with effortless ease, a product of a set of a pink and blue glass layer that emits a soft, atmospheric light.

Solis Globe Floor Lamp, CB2, $349

Inspired by the silhouette of an hourglass, this floor lamp is the statement piece your living room was missing. Set on a minimalist brass base, the figural piece is further elevated by the globe light up top.

Mirror Ball Stand Chandelier, Tom Dixon, $4,220
An undeniable splurge, Tom Dixon’s avant-garde style never fails to stun. Inspired by space helmets and disco balls, this floor light refracts ambient light, all the while standing in as one seriously show-stopping sculptural piece.
Squirrel Cage Desk Lamp, STURLESI, $72
Boasting an exposed bulb, this clever lamp makes the industrial look oh-so-chic. Set on a sleek concrete base, it’s definitely more sculpture than light—although, compromising on function is certainly of no concern.

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