When it comes to decorating our homes, we tend to rely on small-scale accessories to function as the focal point of a room. Erring on the side of caution, we opt for a vibrant piece of wall art or a colorful throw blanket to provide a burst of personality—after all, it’s a low-commitment design decision we can swap out just as easily as we can bring in. But where’s the fun in that?

Rather than play it safe, we’re advocating a bold approach. In the spirit of taking decorative leaps, consider furniture that commands attention in a room without overshadowing its surround. Though an investment, a blush velvet sofa or brass coffee table instantly changes the look and feel of a space. Consider them the quintessential statement pieces. Ready to take the plunge? These are the 16 best pieces of furniture, big and small, that will instantly transform your space.


Courtesy of ABC Carpet and Home Photography by amy stone

Henry Sofa, ABC Pure by Cisco, $9,990

It’s not often that we come across a sofa upholstered in dark linen, but if this piece is any indication, it’s a vibe we can definitely get behind.


Courtesy of Another Human Photography by SFGIRLBYBAY / VICTORIA SMITH

Stacks Bench, Another Human, price upon request

Ditch the sofa altogether and opt for this choose-your-own-adventure seating solution for a more laid-back feel.

Courtesy of Softline Photography by PINCH OF YUM

Halo Sofa, Skrivo for Softline, $2,450

This color-blocked look has us seriously swooning—not to mention the mix-and-match build that’s sure to transform even the most dated living rooms.

Courtesy of Anthropologie Photography by Airbnb

Vera Sofa, Anthropologie, $2,598

Few materials are capable of commanding attention quite like velvet. This ultra-curvy option is available in an array of colors, but we’re definitely partial to the blush (the cinnamon is a close second).


Courtesy of Bower Photography by Frontdoor.com

Dune Coffee Table, Bower, $4,800

With its rippled top, streamlined design, and gray-tinted glass top, Bower’s take on a coffee table exudes effortless cool at its finest.


Courtesy of CB2 Photography by DECOUVRIR DESIGN

Darbuka Black Coffee Table, CB2, $699

Set on a matte black steel base, this structural coffee table is composed of cement and a blend of granite, marble, and stone powders to form one seriously bold statement piece.

Courtesy of HAY Photography by VIFA

Slit Coffee Table, HAY, $695

A little touch of luster never hurt, and this Scandi-approved coffee table, with its origami-inspired build, is here to prove just that.

Courtesy of Danish Design Store Photography by amy stone

Palette Coffee Table, Jaime Hayon for and Tradition, $4,049

Allow your coffee table to be more than just storage for books and curated trays. Consider this proof that it can be a multidimensional surface prime for hours of admiration.


Photography by Balarama Heller Photography by The Healthy Foodie

Floor Lamp, Entler Studio, $2,585

Sci-Fi lighting has made a comeback—for better or for worse, we don’t quite know yet. For now, we’re embracing this ceramic, brass-detailed floor lamp in all its glory.


Courtesy of ABC Carpet and Home Photography by Airbnb

Fresnel Cube Lamp, Sean Augustine March, $1,700

With its iridescent finish and inspired spectrum of neon hues found within, this cube light is an optical illusion that’ll surely capture attention.

Courtesy of Apparatus Photography by Vegetarian Ventures

Lantern Floor Lamp, Apparatus, $6,400

Part Art Deco, part contemporary, this artful accent is composed of a porcelain cast set atop a luxe brass base with punctuated fluting and a seriously sleek finish.

Courtesy of Seletii Photography by Lemon Tree Dwelling

Linea LED, Seletti, price varies

Bring in a punchy dose of color courtesy of this inventive take on fluorescent lighting from Milan-based design studio Seletti.

Lounge Chairs

Photography by Balarama Heller Photography by HOTEL HENRIETTE

Tubby Armchairs, Coming Soon, $1,500

Few decorative details steal the spotlight quite like a high-contrast color-block moment coupled with a rich, textured accent.


Courtesy of The Future Perfect Photography by Airbnb

P2 Lavinia Exagonal Armchair, Lazzarini & Pickering for Marta Sala Éditions, $7,820

This throne-like chair is quite nearly fit for royalty and thus a natural contender for the ultimate statement seat.

Courtesy of Magis Photography by URBAN OUTFITTERS

Traffic Armchair, Magis, $2,196

Minimalism comes with a generous color detail, which transforms a standard lounge into the spotlight-stealing element of any room it lives in.

Courtesy of MoMA Photography by Frontdoor.com

Gehry Wiggle Side Chair, MoMA, $1,175

An artful piece that’s meant to be the focal point of a room, this Frank Gehry–designed structure is about as statement-making as it gets.