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Thanks to Google, we know the most popular design styles in each state… but which states are the most likely to get inspired to implement those styles in the first place? Google—or more accurately, a survey conducted on Google search trends by design blog Pots Planters & More—is here with the answers once more.

The report analyzed search engine data to gauge which states display more of an interest in all things interiors. The results? Eight states, somewhat scattered geographically, are very clearly more invested in figuring out the latest in trending colors and up-and-coming materials: Watch out for burgeoning design stars in California, Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Ohio, Vermont, and Delaware.

Montana, South Dakota, and Florida also appear to be Googling interior design-related queries at a relatively high search volume; the rest of the country, however, seems rather unconcerned. That could be because these states’ residents are getting their intel elsewhere—there are some pretty great design shows on TV right now, after all.

Having covered which states’ residents are the most prone to performing a home makeover (or at least, adding endless inspo to their Pinterest boards), the report also looked at design trends by room. According to Google, the kitchen is the one space that gets the most attention nationwide, with 17 states naming it as the most popular room to renovate. Whether doing a full-on kitchen reno or simply tweaking the room a bit to add the latest seating trends, the options for kitchen updates are endless.

After the kitchen, the bedroom seems to be a perennially popular option for new design, with 11 states favoring it. Backyards and bathrooms are tied for third, each with seven states in their corner. There’s only one state that overwhelmingly wants to renovate the front porch: South Carolina. Chalk it up to warm weather, and an outdoor space that includes more than just a fire escape.

Interestingly, three of the states that expressed the most interest in interior design (Alaska, Wyoming, and Colorado) all chose the basement as their favorite room to renovate.

Coming off the findings that the ‘60s are evidently making a design comeback, we’re looking forward to seeing more retro styles start popping up in every room of the house—basement, backyard, and beyond. Do you agree with the findings in your state? Sound off in the comments.

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