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the 20 most functional basements on the internet

and you thought basements were just for storage...

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A little bit of light goes a long way in this eclectic mix of bright color and bold texture. Complement the lived-in vibe of this cozy set up with a plush sheepskin and textured rug.

Why not transform your basement into an inspiring office space? By adding wall art (like a mood board), and stringing delicate lights from the ceiling, you’ll create a space that evokes creativity and personalized feng shui.

Exposed hardware and a peek of bright light make this laundry room cozy and charming. Bring a pop of color to the space with a bold, red chair and show your feet some love with a plush sheepskin to stand on while folding laundry.

Get creative juices flowing by dedicating your basement to all things artistic. Create an inviting space with warm accents like a dark wood table and transform the otherwise, cold room into an innovative area with a large rug and scenic print.

Become the ultimate host by transforming your basement into a lounge with a quaint kitchenette. Bring homey accents to the space by incorporating your favorite greenery and multi-dimensional accents. Having your favorite beverages on hand helps, too.

If you have space to spare, consider transforming your basement into a game room. Add texture to the space by incorporating some florals and a plush sheepskin. Textured throw pillows make us want to snuggle up on the couch. Stat.

Sometimes the tiniest spaces yield the greatest results. Case in point: a wine cellar basement. Line your space from floor to ceiling with your favorite varietals. By adding a victorian-themed chandelier, you’ll feel as if you escaped to the countryside of Tuscany.

Globally-inspired details paired with a diverse mix of textures and accents mimic a space perfectly catered to the man in your life. Whiskey optional.

A serene and peaceful space is perfect for hosting, working, or studying. Whatever you’re opting for, be sure to incorporate an uplifting print and showcase your favorite books to create a space that’s inviting as it is inspiring.

A hybrid of grey and light blue mix to create the most relaxing basement bedroom. Keep the aesthetic minimal by adding touches of color with soft accent pillows and tiny trinkets on the window sill.

While some might steer away from a kid-inspired space, we can’t deny the inviting feeling it brings with bright accents and colorful texture. The wooden slide helps, too.

See! Non-creepy underground laundry rooms do exist. And they need just as much love as any other space in your house. Fresh blooms, a bold wall color, and white countertops almost make you WANT to do laundry every weekend.

Found your dream space but not sure what to do with the basement? An inviting guest room, of course. A diverse mix of contemporary bedding and eclectic mix of modern accents make for the ultimate moody and appealing space.

Just because it’s tiny doesn’t mean it can’t be brimming with character. Make the most of natural wood accents with pops of light peeking through from behind. Warm up the space with chromatic accents and nature-inspired candles.

When closet space is limited and your basement is needing some love, opt for an underground dressing room. Hang clothing from metallic hardware and put your shoe collection on display. By adding a comfortable chair, you’ll create the perfect reading spot, too.

A cabana-inspired space lends the versatility of modern flair with the comfort of contemporary accents. Heighten the dimension in the space by bringing outdoor furniture into the room and dedicating a wall to your favorite libation.

Sometimes a little light takes the room to another level. By facing the chair towards the window, it creates the perfect hideaway for reading or daydreaming. Little furry pup is optional.

When your basement can’t necessarily function as a living space, recreate a greenhouse effect by storing your favorite plants in modern pots and tins near the window.

Getting creative with a space usually yields the most captivating results. By making the bed accessible via a ladder and softening the room with cozy textures, you’ve got yourself a space brimming with tranquility.

Personalize your basement by dedicating it to your health. Heighten motivation by accenting the space with your favorite tones and colors. Install a surround sound speaker system too, if you fancy.