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by Cora Diekman

Polished concrete floors are the latest modern design crave sweeping the pages of design magazines, flooding Instagram, and dominating Pinterest. Their sleek and understated vibe provides the ideal palette for modern interiors with plenty of additional crave-worthy perks to covet, like being hypoallergenic, simple to clean, and virtually indestructible. Concrete is also easily customizable with a range of finish options from matte to glossy, dyed, stained, etched, and more. A gorgeous, low-maintenance floor that lasts a lifetime? Sign us up!

While concrete naturally plays into designs that are industrial in nature (think exposed brick and metal accents), they can also work well with warmer interiors that are soft, family friendly, and oh-so-livable. When combined with the right amount of color and texture, concrete becomes the perfect hard surface flooring solution for even the coziest of home interiors. Tour these 12 clever designs to see how yesterday’s concrete has elegantly graduated from utility-grade to industrial-chic.

Have some fun

Concrete combines with bright colors, a fun tile mosaic, and warm wood accents to give this space a cheerful, inviting vibe.

Let there be light

While this space has an industrial feel, it is brightened and softened by lots of natural light, a playful pillow, and a patterned throw rug.

Play with contrast

Layers of contrasting textures keep this space in perfect balance. The warmth of the leather chairs, wood tabletop, and an earthy print harmonize beautifully with cool white walls and concrete floors to create an intimate and enviable dining nook.

Add a feminine touch

Try the unexpected by combining concrete with feminine touches, like this pink ombre coverlet and floral accents.

Go organic

The simplest way to warm up any space is to add organic elements. Wooden bowls, an old-fashioned pitcher, and fresh cut greenery give this chic eat-in kitchen a relaxed, inviting feel.

Get your shine on

Polishing concrete to a glossy marble-like shine instantly transforms floors from industrial to elegant.

Think textiles

Layer concrete with lots of textiles in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to infuse an industrial space with an instant shot of cozy.

Stick to tradition

When in doubt, traditional pieces will ensure a welcoming vibe, like this oversized antique dining table and chairs.

Relive retro

Contrast the modern feel of concrete floors with a touch of retro, like these flamingo-pink club chairs, vintage poster, and fuschia armoire.  

Leave your mark

Adding personal touches to a design is key to breathing life into any room. A space should feel loved and lived in, not static and sterile. What began with industrial bones (exposed brick and concrete floors) is made warm and homey with proof of life, like child-sized seating, stacks of reading material at hand, and kitchen necessities on display.

Over exaggerate

This design takes industrial to a new level by over-emphasizing its roots in a cheeky way, with a metal garage-style storage cabinet in cyber-yellow and distressed signage that’s sure to be a conversation starter. By keeping colors bold and bright, the feel is over-the-top fun and inviting.

Layer up on softness

A large area rug, like this extra plush sheepskin-inspired throw, allows just enough concrete to peek through while keeping the overall feel soft and supple.