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As we bid farewell to 2016, we’re looking back at the 16 trends that inspired us this year. Take a look!

Moody Blues

This year, we looked to these inky shades to help inspire an added sense of depth to a space. The broad spectrum of the color blue allowed for myriad options in incorporating these bold tones into a design scheme.


Bold Black and White Décor

From dining rooms to bedrooms, graphic black and white décor elements were a mainstay of design this year. Whether you add a patterned rug or throw pillow to your living room or opt for a more dramatic black and white palette, there are many ways to get in on the trend. “The contrast of black and white creates a distinctive tension that is at once sophisticated and playful,” says Wearstler. “It’s the perfect graphic statement color combination. A timeless classic.”

Independent/Artisanal Studios/Artisan-Sourced/Handcrafted Decor/Handmade Arts

Independent and artisanal design/art were widely utilized in interior design this year. Consumers look for customized pieces that anchor and accentuate their individual interiors. Hague is a fan of pieces sourced from Virginia Kraft and James Devlin Studio. “Founded by Andrea Whalen, Virginia Kraft’s first line of fabrics hand-printed in Rhode Island, combine global aesthetics with farmhouse simplicity. James Devlin Studio, located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard works with metal to combine clean, understated profiles with luxurious natural finishes.” This artisan-sourced trend also applies to textiles and tapestries. “Colorful textures, patterns and the human hand create a poignant accent to otherwise austere modern spaces,” says NYC-based interior designer Jonathan Zakarya, who suggests investing in wall hanging pieces by California based artist Janelle Pietrzak of All Roads Design. “I am equally drawn to things made by a skilled craftsman, like a bronze sculpture, to the raw beauty of an exquisite piece of marble,” says designer Kelly Wearstler. “ Organic forms and patterns add a richness to a space.”

Pendant Lights

This year, the industry saw a marked turn towards the pendant light. Because of their timelessness, affordability and flexibility, these light fixtures are practical and add visual interest. “Pendant lights are a great way to give a space a quick update without breaking one’s budget,” says Hague. “Pendant lights can also be hung at different heights depending on the space you are designing. In spaces where you might want a more intimate atmosphere you should consider hanging the pendants lower to create an instantly warm space.” Anthropologie Alcazar pendant light, $398


Wallpaper has undoubtedly made a comeback, albeit with a modern makeover. Case in point? This intricate desert scene in a mod

monochromatic palette

Wallpaper PAMPA by Pierre Frey

The New “It” Plant

We all love a good fiddle leaf fig tree, but with it being so hard to take care of, we searched on for the next big trend in house plants: calathea. Not a fan? We’ve got five other contenders here.

Earthy Tones in the Bedroom

From the sage greens to the understated neutrals, earthy shades led the list of bedroom paint colors we craved all year.

Boundless Greens

Bringing the outdoors in took on a new meaning, namely one that involved a liberal display of natural greens, preferably in the more unexpected of places.


According to

emily henderson

this fall’s must-have trend entailed looking past minimalism, as she went on to forecast the transition from “extreme minimalism to an emphasis on the feminine.”

Wallpaper with Edge

From the elaborately detailed floral prints to the more intricately abstract, we saw a major uptick in incorporating a wallpaper to anchor as the focal point of a room.

White and Wood

Rustic decor treatments made a revival, though this time with an industrialized effect. Among our favorites was the combination of a whitewashed surface paired with a wooden detail, resulting in an effortlessly chic and sublimely simple finish.

Pink Sofas

Dare we say we’re not quite ready to give up on this one yet? Subtly textured linen sofas that came in the sweetest shade of dusty rose or blush, were among the year’s most iconic statement pieces.

Two-Tone Kitchens

It’s no secret that two-toned kitchens made quite the headway in decor trends this year. We couldn’t get enough of the clever and unexpected color pairings, further elevated by lustrous metallic hardware in a brass or copper finish.

Prints That Wowed

From eclectically colored Moroccan rugs to abstract-patterned ceramics and whimsically detailed florals, mixing and matching statement prints made a splash this year. This boho glam room with its colorfully textured elements was only proof.

Living Room Paint Colors That Popped

For the living room in a need of a modern refresh, we looked to one of these stunningly defined yet subtle hues for an instant burst of revitalization.

Velvet in Color

This year, we craved velvet in a saturated spectrum – namely ones that spanned across deep blues, dusty roses, and emerald greens. Incorporating this element into a space proved easier than one would think, its versatility a major component of seamlessly blending in with its surroundings.