Published on September 27, 2016

Goddard Chaise covered in Martyn Thompson Studio Whitewash by Pinch and Martyn Thompson Studio; Velvet Pillow Cover by West; “Deep, 2013” by Elaina Sullivan Courtesy of Voltz Clarke Gallery; Archway in Bavarian Forest; Middle Wall in Venezuelan Sea; Blue Mirrored Wall; Floor in Beau Green

photography by  WILL ANDERSON
set design by ELAINA SULLIVAN 

This season, rich, inky hues are adding new depth to our favorite pieces.

A sculptural trivet to keep your table cool.
Rainbow Trivet in Blue $26

A graphic, original artwork.
Flourish by Kelly Wearstler $6,500

Create a prismatic effect with these glass tables.
H35 Isom Oblong in Blue, Green, and Gray by Sebastian Scherer for Neo/Craft each $1,620

Tall drink of water.
Night Carafe in Indigo by Sugahara

A Danish-designed office essential.
AJ Table Lamp by Arne Jacobsen for Louis Poulsen Lighting $928

Totally tonal.
Ombré Teal Rug by CB2

Dreaming in deep teal.
Leta Chaise by Pinch $6,655

True blue prints we love.

Clockwise from top left:

 Esteban in Pivert by Pierre Frey; Graffito Wallpaper in Teal Pearl $196; Carré Cube in Emeraude by Hermès; Hespera Velvet in F6835-0; Shimmery; Haddi Teal Fabric from $59/yd

Light up the night in smoky blue and gold.
Shape Up Pendant in Cylinder by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio for Roll & Hill $3,500

Teardrop earrings make a statement.
Arc Drop Chandelier Earrings in Oxide Blue $219

Classic design in the perfect navy.
Herman Chair in Dark Blue by Ferm Living

A mirror inspired by the moon.
Blue Moon Mirror by Susan Hable $1,350

Dip into your fall reading.
Deepsea Blue Bookcase by Glas Italia $5,295

Make waves with this cobalt vessel.
Ebru Marble Ceramic Bowl by Simple Life

Leather tiling to complement any room.
Diamond Strata Tiles by Avo $100/square ft