Trend We’re Loving: Design Inspired by the Elements

It's all about the earthy palette.
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If there is a scheme we’ve seen dominate as of late, it would have to be one that belongs to an earthy palette. Our primary source of inspiration comes in the form of all that is naturally-derived—think terracotta, clay, and various other textured materials, lava rock included.

Late last month, at the Collective Design Fair, Brooklyn-based contemporary artist Fernando Mastrangelo exhibited a seriously stunning display dubbed “The Dream.” And true to form, it has been quite a challenge getting that one out of our heads. Featuring sand cast wall tiles, and matching tables and consoles, it was the ingenious blend of material and color that established this exhibit as the show-stopper that it is.

Channeling the palette and earthen-inspired details of the scene, we turned to a handful of our favorite artists and makers, with the intentions of recreating bits and pieces of this. Now, it’s not necessary to implement the trend in the most literal sense of the form. Be fluid with your design decisions and embrace the elements as a source of inspiration. Read on to get the scoop on how we’ll be bringing this inspired look home.

OGK Safari Chair, Skovshoved Møbelfabrik, $530

We’re getting major desert vibes from this one—striped of the extraneous and beautifully understated yet refreshingly contemporary at the same time. Crafted from natural beechwood, linen, and twisted sisal ropes, the textural details of this Danish-designed seat earmark it as the statement piece your living room was missing. 

DRAG, by Beth Hoeckel, $24.99

This vivid print couldn’t better encapsulate our source of inspiration. Beth Hoeckel’s out-of-this-world approach to artful collages never fail to please, and this avant-garde, space pop print is no exception. Consider it the budget-friendly alternative to recreating Mastrangelo’s epic scene.

Saucer Vase, BZippy, $650

We’re all for channeling those deep ocean blues with this multi-faceted vase. Inspired by Brutalist design, with a geometrically-inspired detail, it’s the addition of the cotton ropes that really earmark this one as a true statement piece. Now, whether you choose to utilize it as a statement piece or one that upholds its intended function, that is entirely up to you. 

Ring Chair, Bower, $2,150

Contrasting elements are at the core of the design of this stunning seat (how beautifully relatable is that?) comprised of a powder-coated frame and textured wool upholstery. That said, it’s the two-tone palette of the front and backing, which channels the balance of the lunar/solar relationship that designates this one as an essential of the trend.

Fade Drum, Fernando Mastrangelo, $4,500

An undeniable splurge, Fernando Mastrangelo’s architecturally-charged approach to design is one that never fails to inspire. We’re swooning over the details of this cement side table, clad in an ethereal shade of celadon of an ombre inclination.

Pebble Tapestry Pillow, Martyn Thompson Studio, $400

Martyn Thompson’s moss-inspired fabric transforms an ordinary cushion into a decorative masterpiece. From the broad array of earthy greens that comprise the palette to the subtle lustrous details, which come by way of the brass tufting, this two-sided cushion is a true dream.

Equus Mirror, Ben & Aja Blanc, $5,200

Chances are, you’ve seen this mirror in one home tour or another and we’ll admit, we’re seriously coveting it, even despite its hefty price tag. Available in a variety of colorways and finishes, it’s the unique pairing of the contrasting elements that sets this one apart from the rest.

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