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Photography by MIKKEL VANG

Raise your hand if you’re tired of whitewashed kitchens. 

Is it just us or does it seem like that as of late, every kitchen we see is either completely whitewashed, black and white, or white with blue cabinets? Be it design-fatigue or simply a decorative crutch, it’s safe to say that most of us have fallen prey to the kitchen design trend that seems like it just won’t go away. 

For those stuck in a similar design funk, we’re here to provide you with some much-needed decorative relief. Ahead, a whole slew of spaces, which prove that there is an entire world of fresh ideas and tonal alternatives, outside of an all-white scheme. See for yourself. 

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Photography by Heidi's Bridge

We’re here to prove that it’s okay to forgo the whitewashed cabinets in favor of something a bit more natural and raw. This beautifully-designed spot in Philadelphia might just do all the convincing for you. Marble countertops, an ultra-trendy geometric tile, and whitewashed brick backdrop lay the groundwork, allowing the warmth of the wooden cabinets to truly standout. A splash of blue, reserved for the kitchen island, elevates the entire scheme with a concentrated burst of character. 

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Photography by MARTYN THOMPSON

Martyn Thompson’s NYC kitchen serves up a major dose of style, courtesy of the rich depth of the blues that complement the modern-meets-rustic aesthetic. A minimalist approach to the shelving—one that substitutes sleek shelves in lieu of bulky cabinets—allows the alluring hue to take center stage with its captivating grasp. Tonal accent pieces in warm reds complete the scene. 

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Photography by Brittany Ambridge

There are no shortage of inspired moments in this NoHo penthouse, where the kitchen’s lustrous elements result in a finish of pure elegance. While the backdrop may boast a whitewashed scheme, it’s no secret that the onyx-black cabinetry and matching appliances steal the spotlight with an eye-catching dynamic. 

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Photography by SKYE PARROT

Artist Carly Jo Morgan’s California home is all about mixing color with an eclectically-charged aesthetic, where vivid patterns and eye-catching vignettes come at aplenty. Peek inside her bold kitchen and you’ll find an unapologetic use of color, which stems right from the vibrant red stove to the deep teal walls and rustic finishes that seal the deal. 

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Photography by MIKKEL VANG

Opting for a darker scheme does not necessarily mean having to forgo color and warmth altogether, and this beachside abode certainly proves that. From the 1940s cream-colored salvaged sink to the cobalt blue stove, the rustic characteristics of this charming spot contribute to the cozy and welcoming vibes of the home. 

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Photography by Jenny Siegwart and Corey Villicana

The best way to make the most of an empty wall in the kitchen? A mural-inspired wallpaper will certainly do the trick. Abbie Naber’s California home did just that—inspired by an ode to indoor-outdoor living, the interior designer brought in the serene print to complement the woven textures and warm wood cabinetry of the modern kitchen. 

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Photography by Aaron Bengochea 

If you have yet to notice the trend here, it’s that blue and wooden are essentially a match made in heaven—and a pairing you’ll come to see plenty of. The aesthetic of this Las Vegas home is grounded by earthy neutrals and organic elements that pay tribute to the vast desert landscape that surrounds the space. The kitchen is comprised of a mix of wooden finishes—glazed maple for the cabinets, a stained white oak for the island, to name a few—all of which manage to complement one another with an air of effortless cool. 

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For those who just can’t quite commit to the full-on color scheme, dip your toes in with a tinted paint in the ever-so-slightest shade of blue. Consider this one your starter-pack for embracing a darker and more dynamic wall paint. Found in a charming Parisian home, this antique-inspired kitchen makes use of the stained wooden cabinets by complementing the depth of the hue with a tinted blue wall paint that’s elegant and modern with added flair. 

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