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It’s time to rethink your bathroom. While we tend to regard the loo as a pit stop on our way out the door, it’s also self-care HQ (everything from a 12-step skin-care routine to a eucalyptus-scented shower happens within those four walls). Therefore, the space, no matter how small, should feel like you. Bringing in as much personal style as possible will make it a place you actually want to be in, and maybe (emphasis on the maybe) you’ll want to stay long enough to actually brush your teeth for the full dentist-recommended two minutes. 

Lucky for you, team Domino is always on the lookout for exciting ways to upgrade, from tiles to toilet seats. Here are the bathroom ideas that will get you one step closer to the home-spa vibe you’ve been dreaming of. 

Light It Up

Photography by Alyssa Rosenheck

If your bathroom is looking a little sparse, install a fun light fixture to add character to the space without having to demo a thing. This chandelier from Lucent Lightshop in Elsie Larson’s Nashville home packs a punch in an otherwise minimalist room. 


Play With Pattern

Photography by Wynn Meyers

If you identify as a maximalist, you probably think of walls as blank canvases just waiting to come alive. In other words, no monochrome painted walls for you. So why not go bold with eye-catching wallpaper like in Kim West’s Austin bathroom? It’s the ultimate combination of wacky (those retro colors!) and elegant, not to mention a game changer for mirror selfies.

Keep It Simple

Photography by Trevor Smith

Your skin-care routine can only be so tranquil in a hectic space. Strip your bath down to the basics to summon a peaceful, grounded vibe. Malia Mau’s wood-paneled room in California’s Topanga Canyon is a no-frills yet welcoming haven perfect for any nature lover.

Go Brass or Go Home

Photography by Nicole Franzen

It’s all in the accents, especially when you’re keeping the color scheme neutral. Use your bathroom’s hardware as an opportunity to make a bold statement. Susan and Ben Work’s exposed brass piping paired with matching mirrors and sconces gets the gold (brass?) medal.

Reimagine the Shower-Tub Combo

Photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg

Our favorite walk-in showers have one thing in common: stand-alone tubs. Put a fresh spin on this traditional European bathroom look by opting for a sleek, self-care–worthy tub like this one in Garance Doré’s Los Angeles house. The best part about this double-duty arrangement? You don’t have to choose between a long and luxurious soak or a speedy scrub. Best of both worlds.


Welcome the Dramatic

Photography by Jennifer Hughes

A jet-black vanity is sure to draw attention in juxtaposition to its white and mirrored surroundings. Touches of equally inky tile on the floor keep it from being too intense. A traditional yet bold his-and-hers.

Work Around the Quirks

photography by aaron bengochea

We’ve never seen a shower so close to the stove, but a fun striped curtain and the step up make the unusual arrangement in this tranquil yogi’s apartment seem purposeful.

Downsize (Your Tile)

photography by aaron bengochea

While large-scale tiles and streamlined marble slabs have their benefits, so too do smaller styles. Covering every surface in this Brooklyn bathroom in mini white squares created an immersive, glistening effect, while also amplifying the space’s natural light.

Cozy It Up

For the bathroom in designer Kassina Folstad’s Scandinavian-inspired Minnesota farmhouse, she brought in elements like antlers, street pavers, and remnants from rotted fence posts to  warm up all that Carrara marble.


Soften a Stark Palette With Curves

photography by cody guilfoyle

When coupled with round furnishings and abstract artwork, there’s something especially mod about this Brooklyn home‘s (almost) exclusively black-and-white bathroom. A vessel sink in unexpected hammered metal is only fitting.

Think Beyond the White Sink

photography by cody guilfoyle

Home bathroom or five-star spa?  This Brooklyn loft‘s floating natural stone sink and marble tile perfectly channel the peacefulness of a remote luxury resort. A rejuvenating spot to wash up and recharge come morning if we’ve ever seen one.

Amp Up the Contrast

photography by cody guilfoyle

Two-tone bathrooms are having a moment, but that doesn’t have to mean straight-up color-blocking. Here, a streamlined sea of coordinating penny tiles contrasts with a flora-and-fauna wallpaper in the same palette above.

Try Pink-on-Pink

photography by cody guilfoyle

While color is certainly the primary game changer in this New York restaurant bathroom, the magic really exists in the details. Trippy floral wallpaper, a hot pink rotary phone, and pineapple print kick the fun into high gear.


Get in Shape

Photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg

Geometric tiles with crisp white grout bring fresh interest and dimension to L.A.-based singer and entrepreneur Lourdes Hernández’s all-blue shower in the guest bath, making a solid case for going beyond standard subway tile or simple marble.

Match the Ceilings to the Tile

Hernández followed suit in her master bathroom, but with a pink-on-pink palette instead. To really pack a punch, she extended the hue all the way to the ceiling with paint.

Bring in Big Plants

photography by Michael Wiltbank

You don’t have to restrict yourself to air plants and tiny succulents in your bathroom. Tall but slim greenery will transform it into a tropical oasis without taking up much more space.

Turn Subway Tile on Its Head

By just laying out the white subway tile in this revamped 1960s master bathroom in an unexpected herringbone pattern, the ubiquitous material feels new again.


Strike a Balance

photography by Sarah Elliott

The kitschy lemon-and-oyster wallpaper in this summer beach home reads cool not crazy, thanks to everything else being clean lined and neutral.

Have Fun With Floor Tile

The bathroom floor is an untapped canvas for creativity. In the same beach home, a geometric blue-and-white pattern puts a contemporary spin on the quintessentially nautical color pairing.

Streamline Your Storage

A big reason for this room’s calming aura: the lineup of woven storage baskets below the vanity hiding every ounce of clutter. The space is the design equivalent of a breath of fresh air.

Frame the Sink

Navy wainscoting goes to the ceiling when it gets to the sink in this Cali-cool bathroom, turning the dainty fixture into a focal point. With grayscale wallpaper and just a hint of a palm tree, the space feels breezy and beachy without falling into tropical clichés.


Expose Piping

In antiqued brass, the workings of this exposed rainfall shower aren’t an eyesore, they’re sculpture.

Mix Materials  

Between the exposed brick wall, vintage wood vanity, and antique rug, this rustic farmhouse bathroom is swimming in texture.

Set the Mood

Sure, you could ease into a moody powder room by doing just dark wallpaper or dimmed lighting, but we say take the plunge and go for the trifecta. Slap a brooding print on the walls, swap out your lightbulbs for ones that have metallic tips, and opt for a smaller mirror (less light reflection!).

This story was originally published in November 2018. It has been updated with new information.


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